Why You Should Return to College

There are many great reasons to finish your degree if you’ve been thinking about going back to college as a mature student.

The biggest reason of all is to improve your career and earning prospects. Job applicants with degrees are more likely to land higher-paying jobs with more vacation days and better health insurance coverage. The average income of college graduates is higher when compared to individuals with only a high school diploma. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2006 the average earnings for adults 25 and over with a high school diploma were only $28,645, while college graduates on average earn $51,554.

That’s more than $20,000 a year! Factor those earnings over a lifetime, and those with a bachelor’s degree will make $1 million more than non-college graduates. Even many entry-level jobs for college graduates pay better than jobs for non-college grads with work experience.

Plus, a college degree gives you access to more job options in general. College graduates are in such high demand because they possess more skills, knowledge and expertise. This makes it easier to find entry-level jobs and obtain promotions later on.

As an adult learner you don’t have to sacrifice your current job to pursue your dreams. In fact, many colleges allow you to work toward a degree at your own pace, taking part-time or night courses. The investment of a few hours a week and a little hard work can pay huge dividends later.

For adults without a college degree, going back to school makes it possible to improve your life and get a better job doing something you love. In other cases, people return to school to make a career switch. If you dislike the work you do now, going back to college and studying a subject you enjoy allows you to pursue a different career path.

Sometimes adults attend college to increase the chance of landing a promotion or new position in their current field. Another degree or a few extra courses in a subject will give you an advantage over others in the office.

Whatever your reason, going back to college as an adult is a choice many people are making these days. If you’re apprehensive about starting over as a student, it’s important to realize that adult learners are growing in number as technology changes and the job market becomes more dynamic and varied. Colleges now cater to adult students and make the transition from work to school much easier to handle. If going back to school will make it possible to achieve your dreams, don’t let fear and doubt stop you. Cappex helps make it easy to find the right school.

It takes effort and determination to earn a college degree while working a full or part-time job. But in the end you’ll be rewarded: With a better paying job, more fulfilling work or both!