Think about tuition increases when you’re filling out college applications

When it comes time to fill out college applications, most students don't think much further than getting into their dream schools. However, according to a recent article in The New York Times, freshmen should consider the possibility that tuition may go up after they're accepted.

Students attending San Francisco State University (SFSU) were shocked recently by announcements that tuition was increasing again. The news took some freshmen by surprise, and could force many students to take on an extra job to make ends meet. University officials say that although such increases are regrettable, students should try to plan ahead for tuition hikes to avoid nasty surprises.

"The students planned for college and got here on one set of financial assumptions, only to find out that the game changes every year," Shawn Whalen, deputy chief of SFSU, told the newspaper. "I think one of the biggest shocks is when students come in as freshmen and a semester later there’s a fee increase."

SFSU isn't the only school considering raising its tuition. According to the Bryan-College Station Eagle, Texas A&M University is thinking about hiking its fees by more than 3 percent next semester.

When you're filling out college applications, don't forget to think about how tuition increases will affect your financial situation. Although there's no guarantee that your school's fees will go up, planning ahead could help you avoid surprises down the road.


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