Students should study hard to maintain financial aid

After filling out a college application and being accepted to the perfect university, studying hard and committing to your coursework is something that you should take seriously. One reason to work hard and maintain a good GPA is to maintain your financial aid payments.

Some schools, such as St. Philip's College in San Antonio, Texas, require that students maintain specific grades in order to continue to receive financial aid payments. Some students have experienced delays in receiving their Pell grants and other loans this year.

Mario Muniz, a spokesperson for the Alamo Colleges District, told KSAT News that such cases were unusual, but some students failed to meet these academic achievement standards. The news outlet reports that more than $114 million in financial aid payments are made to 34,000 students every year, which may explain some of the reported delays.

Achieving a good GPA is something that will not only help you in your classes, but could also ensure that your financial aid payments are made regularly. If you feel like your grades are slipping, or you're worried about your financial aid, you should discuss your concerns with a financial aid adviser. 


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