Senate Democrats propose generous grants for Michigan students

Under new proposals from Democrats in the Senate, students considering filling out college applications in Michigan may be able to receive generous grants, reports the Huffington Post.

Policymakers in the Senate have proposed that high school seniors be awarded grants of up to $9,500 each to help them pay for tuition at public universities and community colleges throughout the state. Although the details of how the funding will be provided have yet to be clarified, experts say that closing tax loopholes and collecting sales taxes from out-of-state retailers will at least partly fund the grants.

Senator Gretchen Whitmer, the Senate's Democratic leader, said that such measures are important in making sure students have access to education in light of reductions in federal funding.

"We've got to not just reverse that trend, but we've got to do something bold to say Michigan believes in education and this is a great place to come and locate your business because we've got the work force you need," Whitmer said, as quoted by The Associated Press.

The news source reports that the total amount of grant funding students will receive would depend on how long they have been in the K-12 system, and that maximum grants will cover the median cost of tuition at 15 of Michigan's public universities.

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