Post-Thanksgiving College Search To-Do List

Isn’t Thanksgiving just the most delightful little break from real life to catch up with family and friends over a delicious and big meal?

Whelp, it’s over.

And now that all that tryptophan has (hopefully) left your system, you should get back to business!

Here is a list of things high school juniors should be doing post-Thanksgiving break:

1. Take a meeting with your guidance counselor
This is push time. If you’re a college-bound junior, you need to know if you’re on track to graduate high school. Don’t let the cart get in front of the horse here. And even if you are a couple credits behind schedule, take time with your counselor to figure out how you can get back on track and graduate on time.

2. Decide if you want/need to take ACT or SAT
If you already took the ACT and/or SAT and want a better score, or if you still need to take it for college applications, taking the tests junior year is a great idea. It gives you time to study to earn the scores you need without being too rushed near college application deadlines.

The next ACT you can register for is on the February 11th. Deadline for that February exam is January 13th.

The next SAT is January 28th, and you have until December 30th to register.

3. Begin your scholarship search
It is NEVER too early to start your scholarship search to help pay for college. So start it. You can begin by finding your scholarship matches by creating a profile on

4. Research and attend college fairs
While Cappex is a great place to learn about new colleges online, college fairs are a unique opportunity to learn about colleges and meet admissions people in person. Find out from your guidance counselor about college fairs occurring in your area, and make sure you attend!

What is on your to-do list before the new year? 

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  1. Susie Watts says:

    As a private college counselor, the only other thing I would add is for juniors to make sure they are getting the best grades possible. Some will be taking finals before their winter break and others will take them in January. Regardless, these are some of the most important grades you will get and you can’t afford not to give it your all both this semester and next. That doesn’t mean you can goof off your senior year either because colleges will pay plenty of attention to those grades also. Speak with your teachers about what will be covered on your final exams and also make sure you are not missing any assignments.

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