New survey reveals extent of student debt struggles

It has never been more important to earn a college degree to succeed in today's demanding job market. However, a new survey also reveals how many students are struggling to make ends meet with sizable tuition loans and uncertain employment prospects.

The report was commissioned by the Institute for College Access and Success. Results of the study found that a majority of American adults aged between 18 and 34 years of age feel that the rising cost of a college education is a barrier for future success. Approximately 872 individuals were polled as part of the survey.

More than 76 percent of respondents stated that college has become significantly more difficult to afford than five years ago, and 73 percent said that graduates are taking on more debt than they can realistically manage.

Despite the rising costs of a college education, eight out of 10 respondents said that they believed a college education was more important than ever, and 68 percent of individuals polled believed that making college more affordable should be Congress' top priority.

The results of the study confirm the findings of similar research into the extent of student debt. This month, the Project on Student Debt released a report that estimated that the average student in the class of 2010 carried a debt of around $25,250. 

Are you struggling with student debt? Is the rising cost of education putting you off filling out a college application, or is it still worth it to get a degree? 


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