Hardship funds provide relief for cash-strapped students

For many students, college can be expensive. Between tuition, course materials and living expenses, times are tough for some freshmen. However, students can benefit from emergency hardship funds that are operated by colleges such as Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Stephen Ratner and Jordan Stein, two seniors at Emory, started the fund to provide emergency relief to students who are struggling financially. Individuals can apply for up to $500 in funds to help them out with necessities like food, transport and any other expenses they need to get by.

"The money came at a perfect time because I was afraid I’d have to move back home," Jarquisha Hollings, a recipient of a hardship grant, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "A lot of college students are struggling and we need help. Students need to know they can ask for and get help."

Even if you've already applied for financial aid and scholarship packages, don't be afraid to ask your college's development office if there are any similar programs available. Going without basic necessities can affect your studies, your grades and maybe even your degree, so don't be too proud to ask for help if you're really struggling.


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