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Today’s question comes from the National Association of Colleges Admissions Counseling:

During the Fall 2008 admission cycle, the average number of college admission offers revoked by colleges was 10. The most common reason that colleges rescinded admission offers was final grades.


While “Senioritis” is often thought of a common and even humorous condition, do these numbers change your opinion on that matte? What do high school seniors need to realize about their second semester?



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  1. Dan says:

    This scenario is very difficult for HS seniors to comprehend. Almost of the college admissions counselors have stated it is imperative to not come down with senioritis especially during their second semester. College applications are so competitive now that seniors cannot afford to let of the gas in their senior year. What makes this so difficult is that they have stressed themselves so much in their Junior year preparing for college admissions with AP classes, IB classes, SAT’s, and ACT’s that they struggle to maintain that level of motivation. Also many wish to cut back on classes and get part time jobs to help make some money as this also is a looming reality that begins to sink in. Colleges will look for updates from their respective high schools to monitor whether they are maintaining their averages (hopefully getting better) or they have cut back on their work load.

  2. Chris says:

    Maybe I’m wrong and it’s just the senioritis, but it looks like the percentages add up to 129%. Maybe whoever made it has senioritis?

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