Free tuition bill proposed in Michigan

Michigan students who are planning to fill out college applications could be in for some good news. According to Fox News, lawmakers in Michigan are expected to announce a proposal that would provide free tuition for students in need.

Known as the Michigan 20-20 Bill, the proposal could provide free college tuition for students who spend their K-12 years in schools throughout the state. The bill is expected to cover the full median cost of tuition, or up to $9,500 per year. Officials in Michigan acknowledged the importance of education to the future of the state and the country.

"We can find the $1.7 billion to pay for kids to go to college because we know education is economic development and they did it in Minnesota and Kalamazoo and we can replicate that here," Senator Gretchen Whitmer told the news source.

According to WLNS News, the bill – which is sponsored by Democratic senators in the state – still has to pass approval by Republican lawmakers before it is passed. Senators have recommended that certain tax loopholes be closed in order to free up the money needed to fund the plans.

Even if you're not from Michigan, there may still be financial aid available to help you pay for college, such as scholarships. Talk to your college admissions adviser about which programs you might be eligible for.

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