College leaders invited to White House

President Barack Obama has extended invitations to the leaders of about 10 colleges and universities in an attempt to discuss the higher education system, reports Inside Higher Ed.

Among the topics the president wishes to discuss are the productivity of academic institutions, and the growing issue of the affordability of a college education. The news source reports that the calling of a meeting at short notice with the president in direct attendance is unusual, and that education reform could be a significant part of President Obama's reelection campaign.

"The cost of college has nearly tripled over the past three decades, forcing students to take out more loans and rack up more debt in pursuit of the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a 21st century economy," Melody Barnes, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, wrote in the invitations as quoted by the news source.

In a recent address at the University of Colorado's Denver campus, President Obama said that although a college education is something that should be considered an investment in a student's future, the system should not be saddling people with more debt than they can afford to pay.

Are you thinking of filling out a college application? What do you think about the price of education?


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