Californian students propose radical new tuition plan

Students in California have proposed drastic changes to the way that tuition fees operate at the University of California (UC), Berkeley, reports Inside Higher Ed.

The proposal involved abolishing the traditional tuition fee structure. Instead, students proposed that individuals who successfully graduate from the college pay 5 percent of their annual income to the university over a 20-year period. In addition to potentially making college more accessible for many students, supporters of the proposals say that the university could triple its revenues.

"Under this plan, no undergraduate student would have to worry about paying for their UC education while they are in school," Chris LoCascio, president of Fix UC, the group of UC Riverside students that developed the idea, told the regents of the school, as quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle. He added that the university "can't afford not to adopt the plan."

UC Berkeley, and other "public ivy" universities face significant struggles with funding. According to The Washington Post, many renowned public colleges are facing continued federal budget cuts. The plans announced by Fix UC could encourage more students to fill out college applications and focus on their education.

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