Ask your school or college about financial aid events

You've managed to find the college for you. You've picked your major, and have filled out a college application. If you find yourself in need of financial aid, this is the next hurdle in the college application process. Sometimes, applying for tuition fee assistance, loans, grants and scholarships can be just as intimidating as a college admission essay.

Some schools aim to make this process easier and more straightforward by hosting events to answer seniors' questions about financial aid and scholarships. One such school that recently organized this kind of event is Lyons Township High School in Western Springs, Illinois. College admissions experts and financial aid advisers were on hand to discuss seniors' concerns, help them complete paperwork and answer questions about eligibility for scholarships.

If you're applying for financial aid or a scholarship as part of your college application, ask your student adviser if there are any events or open days planned to help you. If there aren't, you could always suggest that such an event be organized.

Above all, don't dismiss the possibility that you might be eligible for scholarships or financial aid just because you think your grades may not be good enough – there are more financial aid programs out there than you might think. 

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