SAT and ACT Test Date Deadlines and Helpful Tips

With spring SAT and ACT test dates around the corner, it’s important to remember your deadlines and test dates!

While you’re sitting at home taking practice tests, going over a mountain of vocabulary cards, and trying to decide where the comma should be in a sentence, you do not want to forget the most important thing: actually signing up for the test before the registration deadline! The logic is simple here. If you don’t sign up, you can’t take the test!

Here is the breakdown for approaching test dates:

March 10th SAT
Registration for this date has passed; however, if you’re taking that test, good luck! Remember to eat a good breakfast, bring enough number two pencils, and show up early to the testing facility. You can expect your scores back around March 30th.

May 5th SAT
If you missed registration for the March test, you still have time to register for the May SAT. Regular registration closes on April 6th, and late registration ends on April 20th. Remember, all deadlines expire at midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on the day of the deadline.

April 14th ACT
The next registration deadline for the ACT is approaching quickly. If you would like to take the April 14th ACT test, and not be subject to a late fee, you must register by March 9th. That’s this Friday!!!

June 9th ACT
If you are not ready to take the April 14th test, sign up for the June 9th test.  To register without a late fee for the June test, you must register by May 4th at the latest.

Have you taken either test already and received your scores? With the Cappex What Are My Chances (TM) Calculator you can get a handle on what are realistic admissions options for you with those scores and help you narrow down where you should be applying. It is always important to have combinations of safety, realistic and reach schools. Utilizing Cappex along with your guidance counselor is a great way to figure out where you should be applying.

Remember, the results of your SAT/ACT tests are not the end of the world. If you do not do as well as you hoped on your first or second try, you can always take the test again! So do your practice tests, study your vocabulary words, and walk in to the test with confidence and a calm demeanor! Don’t stress!

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