Quick and Easy ACT Prep

WOW! Did the ACT test date sneak up on you? As in, today is Monday and the test is Saturday and you’re freaking out? Take a deep breath. Follow the pointers below. You’ll be great.

The Week Before

  • Get plenty of sleep each night from now until the exam. A full 8 hours the night before the test is good, but building up to that is even better. Your body and brain need to rest so they can be ready to focus the day of.
  • Read newspaper articles in their entirety. Do this every day. It’s easy to skim articles when you see them online, but getting in the habit of reading an entire article on paper in front of you will prepare you for the test. Really ambitious? Write a few summarizing sentences describing the article and your response to it.
  • Check the ACT Test Prep website for their Question of the Day!
  • Get together with friends who are taking or have taken the test to discuss it. They can offer you pointers and you can quiz each other on vocabulary.

The Day Before

  • Get everything you need ready to go in one pile the night before. Seriously do this! It will make your life so much easier to wake up early, grab your backpack and go. This includes your calculator, photo ID, admission ticket, and pencils.
  • Double and triple check your test center address, the route you’ll take to get there, and your reporting time.
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour!

The Day Of

  • Eat some breakfast! Even if you are not normally a breakfast person, eat or drink something so you aren’t operating on a completely empty stomach.
  • Pack a snack to have during your break to keep your fuel levels up!
  • Bring water, but don’t chug it before you enter the test. You’re going to be in there for a while and you don’t want your brain focusing more on the bathroom than the test questions.
  • Bring a sweater – some test centers might be cold! Again, you don’t want to be uncomfortable or focus too hard on anything other than the test.

The Day After

  • Let it all go! You’ve done all you can and now the only thing you need to do is wait for the results.
  • If you get the results and you’re less than pleased, register to take the test again and spend more time on practice questions this time around.
  • If you get the results and you are satisfied, CONGRATS! You did it.

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