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Making Your College Decision Part 2: What College Can You Afford?

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john_belushi_collegeAnd now, presenting a very important series of blog posts regarding the college decision.  We’ve already given you Part 1: set clear college priorities, so buckle your seat belt, because here comes Part 2: Can you afford your college choices?

Maybe you’ve already fallen head over heals for the college of your dreams, but if you can’t pay for it, you won’t be able to go. So make sure your college expectations aren’t completely crushed by not giving your tuition a little forethought.

The Cappex Can You Afford Your College Choices worksheet is a simple way to figure out what you probably can or cannot afford.   It’s super easy to fill out, and here are the pieces of information you’ll need for each of your college choices:

1. Cost of Attendance
What will going to college cost you?

  • Cost of tuition
  • Cost of room & board
  • Estimated cost of books and supplies
  • Travel expenses

2. Expected Family Contribution
Do you have money set aside for college or is your family contributing a certain percentage of your tuition?

3. Scholarships
Have you received scholarship money? Do you want scholarship money to help pay for college? Find tons of scholarships here.

4. Federal Student Loans
Do you plan on or have you already taken out student loans?

5. Work Study
Will you be working for your tuition?

Once you have that information in order, or at least guestimated information, download the Cappex worksheet and see what colleges are realistically in your range.