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My Professor Doesn’t Think I Belong Here: Tips to Dealing with Professors Who Think This is a Man’s Field

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It’s the 21st Century. There are women who go to school for engineering and men who study early childhood education. While your parents, friends, and classmates all support your dream, there’s always that one professor who can’t quite wrap his head around what a nice girl like you would want with a degree in manufacturing. Having the person who evaluates you not believe in you can be a stressful, frustrating, and painful situation. Check out these tips on how to deal with an educator who doesn’t think you belong here.

Stand Your Ground

While you may be hurt that your professor believes your major is just for men, the biggest, most important tip is that you stand your ground. You chose this major because you love it. You can do anything you want. Don’t let a professor, classmate, or other individual convince you that you’re not cut out for your dream.

Speak Your Mind

You may want to try talking to the professor about his views. Perhaps he hadn’t realized his comments were hurtful, or that they were bothering you and other women. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to speak out for a professor to realize he isn’t funny.

Find a Support System

Find other women you can talk to about the situation. This might be other women who have had this professor before, or women who have jobs in predominantly male fields.

By sharing your frustrations with one another in a serious or comedic manner, you’ll feel less alone. With a group, you have the power to make an obnoxious comment become another funny story to tell the other women.

Turn Negativity Into Fuel

Some women are able to cope with these situations by turning their professor’s doubts into self-motivation. If he thinks women can’t handle this subject, show him they can with every opportunity you get. Make it your mission to prove him wrong with every test, project and presentation. Maybe you’ll actually change his views, and if not, you still learned a lot and did your best. It’s your personal growth that matters the most in the end.

Get Help

Sometimes the situation is more serious than a professor’s narrow mindedness. If you feel you’re not being evaluated fairly because of your gender, if you’re not given the same opportunities as the men in your class, or if you’re being sexually harassed, you may want to speak with the department head or dean. If that sounds scary, or if you feel embarrassed, you may feel more comfortable talking to a professor you trust or a counselor on campus. They can help determine how to best go about the situation.

Remember What’s Important

Within the next few years, you will graduate and get a job in your field. Maybe you’ll get married. Maybe you’ll buy a house. You’ll take vacations, hang out with your friends, celebrate birthdays and attend concerts. Maybe you’ll have children. Once college ends, a whole new life begins, and that professor that really bugs you now, will just be a tiny speck.

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Why an All-Girl Institution Might Be Your Best College Fit

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To most high school juniors and seniors, a single-sex college is an ancient idea that needs only milliseconds to veto; however, there are some who might say, that it’s not such a bad idea. While single-sex colleges are an ancient idea, there are plenty of them still around along with plenty of women who swear by them! Before you immediately reject spending the next four years of homework, lectures, and meals with other women,  consider why an all-girl institution might be your best college fit!

For the Value:

As you search for potential colleges, consider everything you want out of attending your institution. Do you want to graduate with connections to a job in the real world? Do you want to be the very best at your field of study? Do you want to become self-sufficient? Make new friends? Meet the person you want to marry? Take on a leadership role? Make changes to who you are? Discover new interests and talents? Perhaps you’re interested in pursuing a rare major an all-girls school happens to have. If what you want out of your future college has nothing to do with whether the school is same-sex or co-ed, an all-girl institution might end up being your best college match!

For the Friendships:

If you’re interested in forming strong friendships with other girls, you might want to consider an all-girl college. Many women who have graduated from same-sex colleges report that a strong support system exists amongst these institutions and great friendships come out of them.

For the Comfort:

Some high school students find they’re just more comfortable in an all-girl environment, and would rather ask their “dumb questions” in a class full of other women than amongst men where they might feel judged. Some also think they can concentrate more on their academics without being distracted by men. If you feel more yourself with a group of girls than amongst a co-ed group, a same-sex institution may be your best college fit!

For Consistency:

If you’ve gone to a single-sex school your entire life, you may decide you don’t want to switch things up right now. As you prepare to attend college, you might be facing leaving your friends, moving away from home, and choosing what you want to do with your life. If throwing the co-ed experience into the mix right now seems incredibly stressful, keeping things consistent by attending an all-girl school might be your best college fit.

For the Sweatpants:

Some girls who attend same-sex institutions report their love for being able to roll out of bed and walk into class without having a care in the world about what they look like. These students believe that if they had attended a co-ed institution, they would have a higher focus on appearance and how they are received by the opposite sex.

For the Opportunities:

Some women at single-sex colleges like the idea that women can pursue any major and any leadership role without facing the stereotypes that may have come with it at a co-ed institution.

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Tips Every Girl Should Read Before Her First Day at College

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While colleges do their very best to ensure the safety of their students, they can’t protect you from everything that could occur the first years you’re out on your own. Every girl needs a few tips and tricks in her pocket, because by staying safe on campus, you can have the most fun!

When Walking At Night: 

  • If possible, don’t walk alone.
  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • Make eye contact with strangers. A potential attacker is less likely to bother you if he knows you’ve seen him.
  • Walk with an umbrella or your keys out. Having something that could be used as a weapon makes you a less-likely target.
  • Do not talk on your phone. By talking and texting, you’re distracted, making yourself an easy target. Instead, text someone before you leave that you’ll text them when you get to your car and how long that should take you.
  • Be observant of your surroundings.
  • If someone does bother you, make a scene.

When Getting a Ride Home

  • Don’t get into a car with someone who has been drinking. Even if it seems like they’ve only had a few drinks, they may have been drinking beforehand, or are more intoxicated than they seem.
  • If the driver is texting while driving, ask them to stop.
  • Consider using college-implemented bus services or public transportation.
  • Have a number for a cab saved into your phone.
  • Have a designated driver you could call if necessary.
  • Don’t get into a car with anyone you’re uncomfortable with.
  • Don’t get into a car with anyone who races and drives recklessly.
  • Don’t get into a car with anyone you don’t know.

 When at a Social Event:

  • Keep track of your personal possessions. If you’re afraid of losing something, leave it home or in the car.
  • Refrain from binge drinking.
  • Keep an eye on your drinks. Never leave a drink alone, or drink something that’s just been handed to you.
  • Stay with a group.
  • Have a plan set up with your friends for getting away from someone who’s bothering you.
  • If someone appears sick or hurt, always call for help, even if underage drinking or drug use is involved. When it comes to someone’s life, you can worry about consequences later.

 When You’re With a Guy

  • Remember you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.
  • If he isn’t respecting you, leave, or ask him to leave.

 When Living on Your Own

  •  Lock your doors at night, and behind you when you come home.
  • Don’t let anyone in you’re not comfortable with.
  • Don’t let anyone in before you know who they are.
  • Establish a code you could use on the phone with your friends to let them know if you’re really in trouble.

General Safety Tips

  • Follow the rules set by your college. If you’re required to only use certain doors after a particular time, or if you’re required to sign guests in, do it. These rules are for everyone’s safety.
  • Take notice of the emergency systems already set up on campus. These might include buttons you can press scattered around campus if you’re in trouble, or busses that can take you from an academic building to a parking lot at night.
  • Sign up for email and text alert systems.
  • If something seems shady, it probably is. Always go with your gut.

Top 5 Numbers to Have In Your Phone

  •  Police
  • Counseling Center
  • Cab Service
  • Your resident assistant (RA)
  • A friend you can call at any hour

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