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Thinking Through A College Transfer: Your Guide to Getting a Clear Understanding of the Situation

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Deciding whether or not you should transfer colleges can be a pretty big decision. You may love your current college but come to find the major you’d like to pursue isn’t offered there. You may not like your current college at all, but love the friends you’ve made there. Regardless of why you’re interested in transferring schools, the decision to do so isn’t easy. The following is a list of tips to guide you as you consider your decision to transfer.

Make a diagram: Create a T-chart defining the positive aspects of both colleges. This will allow you to get a better idea of what both colleges have to offer.

Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Why do I want to transfer?
  • Is that program better than the program I’m at now?
  • Are my reasons for leaving my current college something that can improve or be fixed?
  • Is there anything I could do at my current school that would make my experience here better?
  • Will my classes transfer, and if not, am I okay with a later graduation date?
  • What is prompting me to make this decision?
  • Am I taking enough time to think about this?
  • Is this decision my decision?
  • Have I thoroughly researched my potential school?
  • Have I met with an advisor at my potential college to discuss the logistics of transferring?

Make a college dream list: Take time to make a list of what your dream college would have for you. Now look at how your current school and potential school match up. If neither school comes close to what you want out of an institution, you may need to research some more potential schools.

See a counselor: It might be helpful to spend an hour with a college counselor discussing your reasons for wanting to transfer. Counselors have a way of pointing out something you’re thinking or feeling that you may not have realized. They also know a lot about your school, so they may have the answers on how to get the things you thought your school lacked.

Talk to a neutral friend: It might help to vent to a friend who doesn’t attend either college and could remain neutral in your decision process. While a counselor is a neutral listener, your friends know you better. They may be able to point out things neither you nor a counselor was able to see.

Go through your college catalog: By scrolling through your college catalog, you may find majors, clubs and organizations you hadn’t realized your school offered. Make sure what you’re looking for isn’t something your college already has.

Re-read your original college application: Dig up the words you wrote that got you here. What was it that you wanted a year or two ago? Did what you were looking for change? Is this institution not giving you what you thought it would? By re-reading your original application, you’re getting in touch with your original college preferences.

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10 Colleges with the Most Transfer Students

abcThere are plenty of reasons a student would transfer from one college to another.

It might be because they want to be in a different city. Or they want to be with a certain friend. Or they realized what they want to study and need to go to a school with a program for it. One of the ever-growing popular reasons is that a ton of students want to save money on college tuition; so they’ll start out for a couple of years at community college and then transfer to the four-year university.

Whatever your reason, or your friend’s reason, or that person who you forgot their name already but you remember that they said they’re a transfer student, a lot of people transfer schools.

Here are, according to US News, the 10 colleges and universities with the most transfer students in attendance:

1. Arizona State University
Transfer students enrolled for Fall 2009-5,388
Fun Fact-As members of the Pac-12 Conference, ASU has won 23 national championships.

2. University of Central Florida
Transfer students enrolled for Fall 2009-5,336
Fun fact-UCF was founded in 1963 with the goal of providing highly-trained personnel to support the Kennedy Space Center.

3. Florida International University
Transfer students enrolled for Fall 2009-4,336
Fun fact-FIU ranked 1st in 2010 in the U.S. for granting bachelor’s degrees to minorities according to Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

4. University of North Texas
Transfer students enrolled for Fall 2009
Fun fact-UNT’s residence life also offers what it calls REAL Communities. REAL Communities offer students with similar interests the opportunity to live with one another. Communities, for example, include Jazz studies, art and design, health professions, etc.

5. University of Texas-Arlington
Transfer students enrolled for Fall 2009-
Fun fact-The students at UT-Arlington want for nothing considering the Rangers Ballpark, Cowboys Stadium and Six Flags Over Texas theme park are all located within 2-3 miles off campus.

6. University of Maryland-University College
Transfer students enrolled for Fall 2009-
Fun fact-UMUC serves over 90,000 students worldwide. Wow.

7. California State University-Fullerton
Transfer students enrolled for Fall 2009-
Fun fact-The CSUF campus has become known for its Fullerton Arboretum which has successfully bred the Titan Arum plant, which when in bloom, has the terribly powerful smell of dead corpse.

8. California State University-Sacramento
Transfer students enrolled for Fall 2009-3,771
Fun fact-The period between 1984 and 2003 marked unprecedented growth and budget stability for the University. During this period, the campus nearly doubled in size with the construction of over nearly a dozen academic and service buildings.

9. California State University-Northridge
Transfer students enrolled for Fall 2009-
Fun fact-The Music Department is ranked amongst the top 25 accredited university programs in the nation.

10. University of South Florida
Transfer students enrolled for Fall 2009-
Fun fact-USF is also one of the nation’s top centers for the advancement in research of treatments for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s diseases.