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7 Real College Classes that Sound too Good to be True

College classes don’t have to be a complete bore to sit through. There are actually some really cools ones out there. Ever wanted to earn a grade in climbing trees? Or how about in creating your very own smartphone app? That and many more cool courses made our list of college classes that are too good to be true. So ditch the average run of the mill electives and check out these cool classes.

iPhone Application Development

For all of you app lovers out there, this one is for you. Ever wanted to know how to make your very own smartphone app? Well in this class offered at Stanford University, you can learn how or just download it for free on iTunes U. Students have created apps to help them through their daily college life struggles, such as making healthy choices at the dining hall or managing lab experiments.

“California, Here We Come”The O.C. and the Self Aware Culture of 21st Century America

Remember the hit show The O.C.? Well relive it in all its awesome glory along with other California-based shows like the The Hills and The Real Housewives of Orange County in this class offered at Duke University. Earn a grade for watching your favorite TV shows? Now that’s definitely too good to be true.

Harry Potter Literature & the Science of Harry Potter

Read the beloved YA series in this class offered at The Ohio State University and at many other colleges and universities. For once, you don’t have to feel the dread of doing tons of reading for a class. For those with an interest in science, Frostburg State University offers a class called the Science of Harry Potter, in which the principles of physics are used to explain the magic at Hogwarts.

Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse – Catastrophes and Human Behavior

I’m sure after watching Zombieland and The Walking Dead, you and your friends have discussed in great detail how you’d all survive a zombie apocalypse. How about actually putting your survival skills to the test? In this summer course offered at Michigan State University, you and your fellow classmates simulate the outcome of surviving a zombie pandemic along with other apocalyptic fates, such as a meteor strike or the Black Death. Sounds spooky to some, but for others it’s the ultimate test of survival and fun.

Tree Climbing                

Get in touch with your inner child in this outdoor education class offered at Cornell University. Escape from the classroom and climb and swing your way through local wooded areas. Don’t worry about falling, you’ll be safe in a harness and helmet of course.

Learning from YouTube

Want to get college credit for watching YouTube videos? Is that a trick question? Nope. In this class at Pitzer College, students learn by watching, discussing, and commenting on YouTube videos.

Underwater Basket Weaving

Traditionally, this idiom has been used as a negative term to describe a supposedly easy college class. Thanks to Reed College, that’s not so anymore! During the college’s Paideia Festival of Learning, students enjoy taking non-credit courses like this one.