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Scholarship Alert! 7 Scholarships to Apply for Today

scholarshipsIllustrationIconLooking for scholarships can be a tedious process (especially if you– cough, cough– haven’t made a profile that will literally match you to scholarships that are in your reach). So, from us to you, here is a list of 7 scholarships with approaching deadlines that are all fairly simple to apply to.

See if you’re a match!

1. Womenetics Advancing Aspirations Global Scholarship
Deadline-August 12
Quick fact-Don’t be turned away men! This scholarship is open to both men and women enrolled in college.

2. AFSA Second Chance Scholarship
Deadline-August 24
Quick fact- 5 scholarships will be awarded.

3. “First Kiss” Scholarship
Deadline-September 1
Quick fact-Available for high school students to adult college students, all you have to do to apply is write a 250 word story about your, yep, first kiss. Haven’t had one yet? Make it up.

4. Go! Study Abroad Scholarship
Deadline-September 15
Quick fact- This is for students who are planning on studying abroad.

5. Ayn Rand “Atlas Shrugged” Scholarship
Deadline-September 17
Quick fact-Yes, a book and an essay are involved, but there will be 84 scholarship winners!

6. Hit the Books Scholarship
Amount- $500
Deadline-September 30
Quick fact- Scholarship award must be used for educational books and materials.

7. Just Poetry Scholarship
Deadline-September 30
Quick fact-9 scholarships will be awarded to applicants who submit their original poetry.

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6 Money-Saving Websites for College Students

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The-Social-Network-Tyler-and-Cameron-Winklevoss-twinsDoes being a college student inherently mean you’re broke?  Well, unless you’re a Winklevoss twin, then yes, probably.  But! With the beautiful invention of the Internet, being broke in college got way easier.  There are websites that help college students save money by finding great deals, teach students how to budget, save money on phone bills, and yes, find scholarships for college.

1. The number one website to find scholarships online is, yours truly,  With Cappex, you not only save money with the scholarships you win, but you save time looking for scholarships to pay for college.  Cappex matches scholarships to you like, but for scholarships.

This Campus Splash blog goes on to share its top sites to help college students save on college:

2. Group Buying
Group buying sites like or offer steep discounts on things you might not be spending money on everyday, like spa treatments or restaurant visits, but can be great for special occasions. Keep an eye out for special online deals that can work to your advantage, like a recent Groupon deal that sold $20 gift cards to Barnes and Noble for $10— perfect for buying books. Not all cities have deals yet, so check out locations nearby too.

3. Eating Out
There are only so many times when you can eat soggy grilled cheese at the dining hall before you start to crave real food, fried food. connects you to take-out restaurants in your area and lets you order and pay online. Best of all, it offers weekly coupons from your favorite restaurants.

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