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21 Most Expensive College Applications

Not only is applying for college a huge time commitment, but it’s also kinda an unexpected money commitment.

Counselors and teachers often advise students with college goals to apply to multiple schools–a reach school, a couple in-your-range schools, and some safety schools (schools where you will likely be admitted). And while that method is certainly tried and true–you don’t want to apply to only one college and wind up not getting into it!–the prices on college applications can be pretty steep. You might wind up applying to 5 colleges and paying something like $300!

Why are the application fees so high? It could be to dissuade people who wouldn’t actually go to the school from applying. You can think of these application fees like a mini-investment in the school. If you’re definitely not going to go to the school, why pay $60 to apply? Whereas, if you do pay the application fee, get accepted, and enroll in the school, it seems like a great investment!

Here are 21 colleges and universities with the most expensive application fees. Is one of your top schools on there? What price is too large to pay for an application?

1. George Mason University
Application fee: $100

2. Stanford University
Application fee: $90

3. Columbia University
Application fee: $80

4. Villanova University
Application fee: $80

5. Amridge University
Application fee: $75

6. Boston University
Application fee: $75

7. Brown University
Application fee: $75

8. College of New Jersey
Application fee: $75

9. Dartmouth College
Application fee: $75

10. Drexel University
Application fee: $75

11. Duke University
Application fee: $75

12. Harvard University
Application fee: $75

13. Kean University
Application fee: $75

14. Manhattanville College
Application fee: $75

15. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Application fee: $75

16. Salem State University
Application fee: $75

17. University of Chicago
Application fee: $75

18. University of Delaware
Application fee: $75

19. University of New Haven
Application fee: $75

20. University of Pennsylvania
Application fee: $75

21. Yale University
Application fee: $75

What’s the most you would pay for an application fee? Leave a comment below!

15 Colleges and Universities with Best Return on Investment

In light of the current financial atmosphere and increasing cost of college tuition, a lot of people are wondering if it’s even worth it to go into debt for a college education. Well, fortunately for those who do wind up paying mind-blowingly large heaps of money to pay for their higher education costs, research generally shows that they will earn millions more than peers with no college education over the course of a lifetime. So–good news–there’s definitely a return of investment for most college degrees.

According the Daily Beast‘s college rankings, degrees from certain colleges are worth even more in terms of return on investment (ROI). But, this ROI ranking doesn’t just take into account money, although it’s a big part of it. This ranking takes into account nostalgia and good memories from college, aka: happiness.

So,the Daily Beast’s list of schools with “Best Return on Investment” is based on satisfaction of alumni with college experience along with donations to school and’s ranking the colleges worth the investment.

Here are the top 15 schools:

1. Princeton University

2. Amherst College

3. Dartmouth College 

4. Williams College

5. College of Holy Cross

6. University of Notre Dame

7. Georgia Institute of Technology

8. Middlebury College 

9. Harvey Mudd College

10. California Institute of Technology

11. Carleton College

12. Colgate University

13. Davidson College

14. University of Virginia

15. Union College