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4 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Your First Day of College

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It may feel like you’re spending your entire summer preparing for college! You’ve shopped for dorm supplies and new clothes. You’ve decided if you’ll be taking your car to campus or leaving it at home. You’ve spoken to your roommate. You’ve signed up for your classes. You’ve been given a course catalog. You’ve paid your tuition. You feel like you’re ready!

While universities do an excellent job at educating you about campus life, there are other ways you can prepare yourself for the transition between high school and college.

Define Your Relationships

Before you leave for college, you may want to consider where your relationships stand. Do you want to be single when you leave for college? Do you plan to continue a long-term relationship? Think about what’s best for you and your future. What is going to make you happy? What is the right decision in the long run? If you can define your relationships before you leave, you’ll be better able to focus on your education and enjoying college life instead of being concerned about where things stand with you and another.

Identify Improvements

As this is a transition, now may be a good time to consider where you’d like to make improvements in yourself. Maybe once you’re in college, you would like to start going to the gym. Maybe you’d like to try to be nicer to people. You could have a tendency to lie, and decide as a college student, you’re going to work harder on telling the truth. Maybe you haven’t been single since the 7th grade, and you want to just live for yourself now. College isn’t just about improving yourself intellectually, it’s about growing as an adult!

Identify Your Core

Just as there are things you want to change about yourself, there are things you would like to stay the same. What are some of these things? Maybe you have never had alcohol, and would like to continue waiting until you’re of age. Maybe you love that you can find something funny about any situation, and that’s something you’d never want  to go away. You could love to sing, and want to identify that as being something you want to continue doing on a daily basis. Make a list of these qualities you love about yourself and keep it in a safe place. While it’s okay to change your mind about some of these things once you’re in college, you may benefit from knowing that at one point, these were the characteristics you picked to be the most important to who you are.

Update Your Facebook

One of the best ways you can keep in touch with your high school friends and make new ones quickly is to keep your Facebook profile full and updated. Display what college you’ll be attending, and where you’re currently living. Upload pictures during college orientation. Post about what classes you’ll be taking in the Fall. “Like” a couple of TV shows, music groups, books, and athletes. When you start Facebook friending classmates at school, you’ll quickly find your common ground!

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7 Fun Activities to Do With Your Friends Before Parting for College

It’s the summer before everyone leaves to go their separate ways. Your schedule is likely jam packed with work, vacations, high school graduation parties, college orientation, and trips to Walmart and Target as you collect your college dorm necessities. This is the summer you want to see your friends before everyone goes down their own road, and you’re busy, busy, busy! The following is a list of activities to do with your friends this summer that will help maximize the fun during a short period of time.

Recollect the Good Ol’ Days

Many groups of friends could easily spend hours telling and retelling the stories of the times they’ve spent together. While some prefer to sit around the pool or a restaurant table discussing these tales, others might find it more fulfilling to document them by creating a scrap book, writing them down as stories, or recording them as audible files, so they can be shared months and years later. Recollecting and documenting your experiences together allows for everyone to feel like who they are, what they did, and how they relate to one another, matters.

Spend A Day Outdoors

 Take advantage of the summer sun by planning a day you’ll spend outdoors. This may mean sitting around a bonfire, having a picnic, going on a hike, heading for the beach, hitting up an amusement park, or camping. Fresh air and sunshine tends to put everyone in a pleasant mood!

Throw A Party

 While you and your group of friends are probably attending many parties this summer for everyone’s graduation, those parties often involve lots of relatives and people you haven’t met. By having a get together with just your friends, you’re having fun exclusively with your best pals.

Play A Game Together

 This could mean board games, trivia games, card games, video games, outdoor games, or a sports game. Acting as a team with your friends will reaffirm the bond you share with one another.

Share A Meal Together

 By grilling on the deck, preparing a three-course meal, organizing a potluck, or by making reservations somewhere nice, you and your friends are creating a family-like atmosphere where you can enjoy relating to one another as young adults as opposed to the high school and middle school kids you once were.

Work On a Project

 Find something everyone can work on together with their own individual talents. You could restore a car, knit a quilt, start a garden, build something for your dorm rooms, paint a mural, adopt a highway, plant trees, write a book, or remodel a room. Doing something cool together will remind everyone that they are capable of great things, even in high school.

Find A Symbol

 Just like husbands and wives might take comfort in their wedding rings, some groups of friends may feel more comfortable through this transition if something concrete and greater than them serves to represent their friendship. You could do something sweet and sentimental such as naming a star, or getting matching jewelry, or you could go the goofy route and keep everyone’s spirits up by symbolizing your friendship with a hideous figurine, or other ridiculous artifact.

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5 Unsentimental Things to Do Before Leaving for College

flagAt some point before you graduate high school, you will inevitably run into–whether on Facebook Chat or at the farmer’s market–an older friend who’s home from college.  That person will congratulate you on graduating, get you excited for college, and then proceed to give you a list of things you just have to do before heading off to college.

That list might include making a scrapbook of you and your BFF’s, ditching a class for “Senior Ditch Day” or scribing your initials into a bathroom stall to leave your “legacy”–whatever you need to do to feel emotionally prepared to leave your home and friends for a new place.

But there are also some things you’ll need to do logistically before you head off to college:

1. Clean your room
Not only will your parents appreciate the effort, but after 18 years of stuffing teddy bears and gifts from your grandma under your bed, you might find something you could actually use in your college dorm room–maybe it’s a poster, a blanket or a pair of slippers.  Whatever you wind up discovering in the ether of your walk-in closet or bottomless drawer, sorting through your inventory can keep you from buying things you already have and save you some money.

2. Cook a meal in the microwave
A time will come in your college life when you will discover that for any number of reasons–strange hours, cold weather, etc–the trek to the cafeteria or a local restaurant is not worth your time. In that case, to stave off your hunger, you’ll have to compose something in your dorm room with nothing but a microwave. There are plenty of microwavable meals out there, but you can get creative too. Teach yourself some microwave lessons before you head off. Here’s one for a pizza bagel, and here’s one for Rice Krispy treats.

3. Save/transfer files on you computer
Many students use different computers when they head off to college. Sometimes they get brand new ones, other times they use their school’s state-of-the-art computer labs. Either way, you might have some files–like pictures, papers, music, etc.–you want to keep with you in college. Make sure to either transfer those files to your new computer, a hard drive, flash drive or even email certain things you might want–like that picture of your dog in a Halloween costume.

4. Get a check-up
College means freedom! It also means your mom’s not going to be there to bring you chicken noodle soup the minute your temperature climbs to 99 degrees. So, just to play it safe, get a check-up before you head off to school. Make sure you’re healthy and/or that you have the prescriptions you’ll need for college. You’d be surprised how many college-bound high school seniors don’t even know how to unscrew the lid to get a Flinstones vitamin, so make sure you’re healthy and ready to take care of yourself in the fall.

5.  Practice living on a budget
The most popular game in college is going as close to $0 in your bank account without overdrawing. All the kids are playing it! If this game doesn’t sound that fun to you, draw out of budget plan for yourself before you head off to college. Practice using it and sticking to course. The more rehearsal you have with the budget, the less you’ll feel like a fish out of water when you actually implement it your first semester.

Do you have any other tips? Comment and share your thoughts!