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College Application Rates 2011: Which Schools Saw A Decline?

College applicationWe heard before that with the economy the way it is, more and more people have been on the college search train and that application rates have actually seen a staggering increase at colleges and universities across the country.  But, the The Huffington Post informs that some schools have seen the opposite.  What do you think this means for admissions?  Do you think applying to a school with a lower application rate will help with you get in? Or applying to a college with an increased application rate will make it harder for you?

Here are the colleges that saw a decline in applications for the 2015 class:

  • Tulane University: -13.65%
  • SUNY Stoney Brook: -11.91%
  • Grinnell College: -7.61%
  • Wesleyan University: -6.07%
  • Elon University: -6.06%
  • Lafayette College: -3.16%
  • Rutgers University: -2.29%
  • University of Maryland College Park: -1.69%
  • Colgate University: -1.37%

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A $10,000 College Degree?

r-STUDENTS-UNDERGRAD-GRADUATION-large570College is extraordinarily expensive.  Students search hard for scholarships and take copious amounts of time applying for financial aid.  So, wouldn’t it be a dream come true for students to get a degree that wouldn’t leave them in dept for the rest of their lives?

The Texas Tribune writes that Governor Rick Perry wants his state’s college and universities to offer a $10,000 bachelor’s degree:

Perry also wants lawmakers to consider outcome-based financial support for those schools, basing a substantial portion of their funding on the number of degrees they issue with particular attention to degrees for at-risk students and for those in critical or essential areas of study.

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