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Top 5 Countries Where Students Study Abroad and Why

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Top 5 Countries Where Students Study Abroad and Why


The number of students who choose to study abroad increases every year, and why wouldn’t it? An excuse to see the world. A chance to fit in some traveling before you buckle down and get a job. An opportunity to gain experience in your field. The reasons are endless! Check out these top five countries students in the United States go to study abroad!

United Kingdom

Going to the United Kingdom is the most popular place students go when studying abroad. For one, it’s an English speaking country so there’s no need to learn another language. With America’s culture rooted in England, it’s familiar enough for it to be comfortable, but different enough that you’re still gaining an experience out of it! You may also take pleasure in finding out about America’s history through the eyes of the United Kingdom, which can give you a whole different perspective on how the United States was born!


As the second most popular place for students to study abroad, Italy is often a place of interest for world history lovers! The Roman Empire and the Renaissance are just two of the many historical events that can be studied in Italy’s architecture, literature, art, and museums. Italy is also popular for those who want to pursue politics, as many take an interest to its northern and southern divide.


Students who plan to major in Spanish, or teach Spanish, find a semester studying abroad in Spain crucial to their careers. But that’s not the only reason college students have made this the third most popular country to study abroad. Having taken Spanish in high school, many students find that they already know much of the language, and don’t need too much help communicating. Studying abroad in Spain also allows for you to travel to other nearby countries as well, including France, Portugal, and many islands.


Like Spain, many students who took French in high school find themselves already prepared when it comes to communicating. For those who may not speak French well, students can take comfort in knowing that 35% of those in France are English speakers! History students interested in the French revolution and business majors are among those who most often study abroad in France. Oh, and who wouldn’t want to go to Paris?


China is the fifth most popular country for students to study abroad, and it offers students the chance to learn more about its language and culture–a major interest for many individuals! Students who choose to go to China are often inspired by the dense population and bright lights of city life! Math, business, and philosophy majors are some of the most popular degree programs studied in China. Unlike many of the European countries, China has very few English speakers, so this is the place for those who want the experience of completely immersing themselves in another culture!

Struggling with your decision? Check out more info on how to choose where to study abroad.

6 MORE Amazing Cities for Study Abroad

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There is a plethora of study abroad programs from which college students can choose these days. If you are hung up on location, location, location and need some direction, think about these cities and your interests as you plot your semester abroad!

[Note: This is the second part of a two-part feature. Yesterday, we highlighted 6 amazing cities for study abroad.]

Beijing, China

It is no secret that China is a huge rising economic world power. Aside from being a vast, beautiful country that is completely different culturally from the US, China offers business students an awesome opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of global economics and make some helpful contacts for the future.

Tokyo, Japan

Like Beijing, Tokyo is sure to be a city unlike any other in the US. So, if you’re after a brand new view of the world, one of these locations is a terrific option. Japan is a great place for students studying English or planning to teach. Sound crazy? It’s not! There are tons of opportunities for English-speaking students to teach English while studying abroad. Temple University has a notable study abroad program in Japan that offers tons of different courses.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is a great option for students who are focusing on Spanish or Latin American studies and literature. Not only do you get to utilize your language skills, but Buenos Aires is much less congested with tourists than Spain. This city is also known for its pulsing night life.

Prague, Czech Republic

For the music or arts student looking for a getaway rich with history, Prague is your place! There are tons of museums and concerts combined with gorgeous architecture that has survived over the years. Prague is also a major economic hub of Eastern Europe for all of the finance majors out there.

Copenhagen, Denmark

For students studying environmental sciences, Copenhagen may be of interest: it is noted as one of the most environmentally friendly cities. If you are interested in marketing, this may also be the place for you because many Danish media and broadcasting corporations are located in and operate from Copenhagen.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal is a wonderful place for students who aren’t keen on traveling across an ocean or want to practice their French language skills somewhere other than touristy old Paris. Its a great international hub for business and culture. Montreal is your city if you’re looking for a European feel closer to home.

Use these cities as jumping off points for your study abroad journey. If you just don’t know how to choose where to study abroad, talk to your academic advisor or other students who have tried it! They will certainly have more advice.


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Sophomores and Scholarships

If you finish your first year of college and begin to stress about how you’re going to pay for the rest of your education, don’t fret— numerous scholarships are available for students who are already enrolled in college. With the rising costs of tuition, there are many resources you can take advantage of to keep down your student loans and add merit to your resume. You can find scholarships by visiting your school’s financial aid office and making a free student profile on Cappex!

Study Abroad Scholarships

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity for college students, usually taken during junior year. As a sophomore, if you want to study abroad but don’t know if you can afford it, the option may still be available to you. There are various study abroad agencies in America that offer scholarships to help students study overseas, like the IES Abroad or AIFS Study Abroad programs. When looking for a study abroad scholarship, the best way to ensure you get the money you need is to plan early and begin looking a year ahead of time.

Corporate Scholarships

Large companies and corporations often sponsor scholarships that are available to all enrolled students with no restrictive eligibility criteria. Though there is more competition for corporate scholarships, they are great to apply for because of their straightforward requirements and easy application process. Corporate scholarships can range from a few hundred dollars to a full tuition, and many are given on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Private Scholarships

Private scholarships are more commonly found through your university, are sponsored by benefactors, and often boast the name of whomever the scholarship is commemorating. Unlike corporate scholarships, private scholarships are likely to have specific target candidates related to characteristics of the benefactor, ranging from students who study a certain major to students who have overcome certain obstacles in the past. Though this information is often available online, meeting with your academic advisor to discuss university scholarships will ensure that you know you qualify before you begin the potentially complex application process.

Paid Internships

Finding a paid internship with a company in your career field can also be a productive way to find scholarships. If they see potential in you and want you to continue working for them in the future, some companies will have aid programs where they either pay your tuition while you’re employed or work out an arrangement to help you in the future.

Learn about more ways to find scholarships for college on Cappex!

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