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Great Places to Study Abroad (that Aren’t in Europe)

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A record number of students are choosing to study abroad during their college careers. Why? No matter your major, studying abroad is the best way to immerse yourself in another culture. Learning a new language and exposing yourself to diverse people and viewpoints will broaden your perspective of the world. Although a majority of American students are studying in European countries, you don’t necessarily have to follow the crowd. Think about taking your studies to a destination outside of Europe and pack your bags for an unforgettable experience in one of these amazing countries.


According to the annual Open Doors report, China ranks in at fifth as the most popular study abroad destination for American students. If your school offers a program to China, take advantage of the opportunity! You’ll be able to learn first-hand about China’s rapidly growing economy, history, and culture. Not to mention more than 885,000,000 people speak Mandarin Chinese – knowing this language will be incredibly marketable after you graduate. Fun fact: Despite its size, all of China is in one time zone.

Costa Rica

The diversity and beauty of Costa Rica provides students with numerous opportunities for learning and adventure. Those looking to perfect their Spanish-speaking skills will have access to top-notch language programs. The ecological diversity of Costa Rica’s landscape is sure to attract outdoors enthusiasts who will have the chance to explore rain forests, mountains, and volcanoes. In San Jose, the city’s capital, you’ll find tons of museums, theaters, restaurants, and many more unique cultural activities. Fun fact: In Costa Rica, the sun rises and sets at around the same time 365 days a year.


The most technologically advanced country in the world, Japan is a great place to study for any student interested in its language and culture. Its reputation as the leader in scientific and technological research makes it especially attractive for those studying science, technology, finance, economics, or industrial design. Equally important as its modern marvels, Japan’s rich history and heritage provide you the opportunity to learn about beautiful art and architecture; monuments, traditional houses, and temples are few of many historic must sees. Fun fact: More than 70% of Japan consists of mountains and hills.

South Africa

Home to 11 official languages, South Africa offers a truly diverse experience – from mountainous landscapes to subtropical climates, deserts, and exciting cities, this country has it all. Whether you choose to travel to the bustling city of Johannesburg or the waterfront city of Cape Town, you have opportunities to immerse yourself in cultural activities and interact with local students. Students also curious about the country’s complex political history will gain a first-hand understanding. Fun fact: The flight from New York to Johannesburg is 15 hours and 20 minutes non-stop.