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Can Facebook Affect Your Grades?

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How many hours a day would you say you spend on Facebook?  If you actually logged your hours Facebook-ing, you might be frightened to realize the amount of time you spend on the social networking site. But it’s not just Facebook. There’s Twitter, Reddit, Foursquare, that kid in your history class’s obscure blog about stingrays.  You’ve got places to be, people to see! At least, online you do.

So what’s the effect that social media has on students?

According to, there are some negative effects of students who pair studying with Facebook.  In fact, students who do this specific type of multitasking earned 20% lower grades than their peers who were able to focus on their homework without the distraction.

If being online so frequently can affect grades, who knows what effect it may have on other things, like your relationships, your health and getting down to business on that college search or job search!

Do you think Facebook or other social media are affecting your study habits or grades? Comment and share your thoughts!

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