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Scholarships Expiring in August

August is approaching and summer will soon be winding down, so as you keep up with your college search, don’t miss out on these scholarships that can help you pay for school. So, take a small break from your summer fun and start applying for these scholarships today before they expire in August!

SHUT UP & SWEAT Athletic Gear Student Athlete Annual Scholarship
Deadline: August 1
Star athletes who graduated high school in June 2012 are eligible to be nominated for this scholarship. You must have a 3.0 GPA to be eligible. The person that nominates you is required to submit a 1- to 2-page letter explaining why you are an excellent candidate for this scholarship. Three students each will win a $2,000 scholarship.

Family Travel Forum Teen Travel Writing Scholarship
Deadline: August 1
Sign up with and submit your travel story. Have a good vacation story? Now is the time to share it and potentially win a scholarship for it. Along with your written story, you must submit one photo, digital artwork, or video. This scholarship is open to students ages 13-18. Scholarships range from $200 to $1,000.

Americas Next Top Namer Scholarship
Deadline: August 15
Undergraduate students majoring in communications, English, linguistics, or marketing can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship offers you the chance to give names to a product. Like the iPhone’s Suri, you will be asked to develop and submit an essay about five brand name candidates for a intelligent personal digital assistant and academic navigator that works on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. The winner gets a $2,000 scholarship.

AFSA Second Chance Scholarship Contest
Deadline: August 22
Presented by the American Sprinkler Association, this scholarship is for undergraduate students attending a college/university or certified trade school in the United States. You must enroll or already be enrolled for the spring 2013 session. In order to enter this contest, you must take a ten-question, multiple-choice, open-book test about automatic fire sprinklers; for each question answered correctly, you receive one entry into the scholarship drawing. The award is $1,000.

JustJobs Scholarship Program
Deadline: August 31
This scholarship is for currently enrolled, full-time college undergraduate and graduate students. You must be from a school that is registered with the scholarship program. To apply, you must submit a short essay of 300-500 words responding to the following question: “How did you choose your major? What obstacles have you had to overcome and what will it mean to you to graduate with this degree?” Winners will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship.

Laws of Life Contest
Deadline: August 31
This contest is for recent high school grads enrolled in an accredited college or university for Fall 2012. To apply, you must create a written or video response to the following prompt: “How might you fulfill your purpose in the next five years? What guiding principles and goals will help you live according to your purpose in the next five years and beyond? If you keep your purpose in mind, where do you think you will find yourself in five years?” First place wins a $5,000 scholarship and a session with a professional purpose coach. Second place wins a $3,000 scholarship, and third place wins a $1,000 scholarship.

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Scholarships for LGBT Students and LGBT Allies

An increasing number of institutions of higher education are providing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) students with access to mentoring,  leadership development, and career services in an effort to support a diverse body of students.

The college resources available to LGBT students also include a growing abundance of scholarships, fellowships, and grants. The number of scholarships exclusively devoted to LGBT students has been on the rise throughout the past several years. Many national, regional, and local organizations have awarded outstanding students who identity as LGBT and LGBT allies who have been active advocates in promoting equal rights and acceptance of the LGBT community.  If you are an LGBT student or ally, consider applying to the following big money scholarship opportunities we have compiled, which are just a few of many. Don’t forget to also check with your local community organizations, college financial aid offices, counselors, and advisors to enhance your scholarship search.

Out to Protect Scholarship
Award: $1,000
This scholarship is for individuals who identify as LGBT or straight ally. To qualify, you must be pursuing a career in law enforcement.

William R. Johnson Scholarship
Award: $2,500
This scholarship is for LGBT students who are members of a United Church of Christ congregation and pursuing a course of study leading to ordained ministry.

Chely Wright LIKE ME Scholarship
Award: $1,250
This scholarship is for graduating high school seniors who can show that they have actively advocated for LGBT issues.

Point Foundation Scholarship Program
Award: $10,000
This scholarship is open to college students who are involved in the LGBTQ community.  To qualify, you must demonstrate a strong academic performance, proven leadership skills, and a desire to make a difference in the world.

PFLAG National Scholarship
Award: $1,000 – $5,000
This scholarship is for LGBT or straight ally students who are entering their first year of college.

Kay Longcope Scholarship Award
Award: $3,000
This scholarship is is for LGBT individuals of color who are planning to pursue a career in journalism. To qualify, you must demonstrate an awareness of the issues facing the LGBT community and the importance of fair and accurate news coverage.

Jeremy D. Protas LGBT Patent Law Scholarship
Award: $1,000
This scholarship is for LBGT law students who are pursuing a career in intellectual property law. To apply, you must explain why you wish to pursue a career in patent law and how your background and/or life experience would improve diversity in the field of intellectual property law.

LEAGUE Foundation Scholarship
Award: $1,000 – $5,000
This scholarship is for graduating high school seniors who self-identify as GLBT. To apply, you must complete two personal essays, two letters of recommendation, and a detailed list of community involvement.

Queer Foundation Scholarship
Award: $1,000
This scholarship is open to LGBT high school seniors and friends of people who are LGBT.


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6 Essay Contests You Can Enter Right Now

Now that school’s out, you might have some extra time on your hands. Why not take advantage of some of that extra time by applying for a whole bunch of scholarships?!

Essay contests aren’t always the same as scholarships. For scholarships, the prizes are most often awarded directly to the institution the winner is attending to ensure it goes toward tuition and associated fees. Often, the prizes for essay contests are awarded directly to the recipient. These awards are excellent for use towards other educational costs that scholarship money might not be eligible to cover, such as room and board, books, and supplies.

Essay contests sometimes require a bit more effort to apply for than scholarships do. Because of this, students sometimes shy away from them and instead look for scholarships that require less effort. Try not to fall into that trap! Free money for your education is worth any effort you can give. Remember, when it comes to scholarship money, you only get what you give! The more effort you put into your scholarship search, the more likely you are to receive more benefits.

Here are some tips for applying to an essay contest:

Read and follow the directions. Word and page count rules are especially important in essay contests.

Research and brainstorm. Be sure you know what you are talking about before you start, and make sure the subject matter you decide on matches the assigned topic.

Write multiple drafts. After your first draft, set it aside for a while. Then go back to it to make any necessary revisions.

Proofread. After you’re finished with your final draft, go over it again to look for errors. See if a parent, friend, teacher, or guidance counselor can proofread it for you as well.

Make your essay stand out. Start off with an attention-grabber, and make sure your essay contains memorable and unique elements that will stick with the judges after they’ve finished reading it.

Now that you’re armed with this information, check out some great essay contests that you can enter right now!

1. Independence Day Scholarship Essay Contest
Deadline: July 2          Award: $250 – $5,000
The topic: “I declare! What it took to declare our independence.”

2. Hands Along the Nile Essay Contest
Deadline: July 3          Award: $750 – $4,000
The topic: “What lessons can American politicians and people learn from the Egyptian Revolution? Particular consideration will be given to answers which cover both social and political lessons.”

3. Scholarship Essay Contest
Deadline: July 15         Award: $250 – $2,500
The topic: “What is a principle? How are principles important to your life?”

4. Womenetics Advancing Aspirations Global Scholarship
Deadline: July 27         Award: $1,500 – $5,000
The topic: “Creating Effective Leadership for the 21st Century: Popular Culture and Positive Role Models for Women and Girls.”

5. DutchCrafters Amish Furniture Heritage Scholarship
Deadline: July 31         Award: $500
The topic: “How will you draw upon your cultural heritage to shape your vocational aspirations, offer creative value to your future employer, and serve your community?”

6. Platt Family Scholarship Prize Essay Contest
Deadline: July 31         Award: $250 – $1,000
The topic: “Did Lincoln free the slaves? In light of the complicated path he pursued to reach the milestone of the Emancipation Proclamation, does Lincoln really deserve his reputation as the Great Emancipator?”

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