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26 Scholarships With Deadlines in February


Scholarships are quite the unlikely Valentine, but as the scholarship application season ramps up, let this be the year that money for college trumps chocolate. Here are 26 scholarships expiring in the month of February that will help you achieve your scholarship resolutions. Good luck!

1. Playing With Purpose Scholarship Program  
Award: $300 – $2,000    Deadline: February 1
Applicants must be varsity-level athletes in one or more sports.
2. AXA Achievement Community Scholarship 
Award: $2,000    Deadline: February 1
Applicants must demonstrate achievement in school, community, or work activities.

3. John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship Fund for Art Education 
Award: $5,000    Deadline: February 1
Applicants must be pursuing a profession in visual arts.

4. Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award
Award: $10,000    Deadline: February 1
Applicants must be classical musicians, vocalists, or composers.

5. Graduate Scholarships in Cancer Nursing Practice
Award: $10,000    Deadline: February 1
Applicants must show intent to develop clinical expertise and a commitment to cancer nursing.
6. National Peace Essay Contest for High School Students
Award: $1,000 – $10,000    Deadline:  February 3
Applicants must write an essay related to the topic of “Security Sector Reform, Political Transition, and Sustainable Peace.”

7. Women in Aerospace Foundation Scholarship
Award: $2,000    Deadline: February 3
Applicants must be women interested in pursuing a career in the aerospace field.

8. Naomi Winston Scholarship in Art
Award: $5,000    Deadline: February 3
Applicants must submit a CD and printout of two-dimensional, original artworks.

9. John Lennon Scholarship
Award: $5,000 – $10,000    Deadline: February 7
Applicants must submit an original song with lyrics.

10. American Physical Society Minority Scholarship
Award: $2,000    Deadline: February 7
Applicants must be minority students majoring in physics.

11. Courageous Persuaders Competition
Award: $250 – $3,000    Deadline: February 12
Applicants must create a TV commercial that warns middle school students about the dangers of underage drinking.

12. Proton OnSite Scholarship and Innovation Program
Award: $25,000    Deadline: February 14
Applicants must submit a hydrogen-related business idea.

13. Queer Foundation Scholarship 
Award: $1,000    Deadline: February 14
Applicants must be high school seniors who are LGBTQ or LGBTQ allies.

14. AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness College Scholarship
Award: $250 – $5,000    Deadline: February 15
Applicants must write an autobiographical essay related to Alzheimer’s disease.

15. Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Award 
Award: $7,500    Deadline: February 15
Applicants must be minority high school seniors who demonstrate academic achievement, financial need, and leadership potential.

16. Rise Scholarship
Award: Varies    Deadline: February 15
Applicants must have a documented learning disability.

17. Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships
Award: $1,000    Deadline: February 15
Applicants must meet TCI minimum height requirements of 5’10” for women and 6’2” for men.

18. Gordon A. Rich Memorial Scholarship
Award: $12,500    Deadline: February 18
Applicants must have a parent or legal guardian who has a full-time career in the financial services industry.

19. Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship
Award:  $500    Deadline:  February 20
Applicants must promote vegetarianism in their schools or communities.

20. The Christophers’ Poster Contest for High School Students
Award:  $100 – $1,000    Deadline:  February 21
Applicants must create an original poster that interprets the theme, “You Can Make a Difference.”

21. Dwight F. Davis Memorial Scholarship
Award: $2,500    Deadline: February 21
Applicants must be high school seniors actively involved in a community tennis program.

22. GEICO Achievement Award
Award: $1,000    Deadline: February 22
Applicants must be college sophomores or juniors majoring in business, computer science, or a related program.

23. CORE Que Lleva Café Scholarship
Award:  $500    Deadline: February 22
Applicants must be undocumented students of Chicano/Latino descent.

24. Buick Achievers Scholarship Program 
Award: $2,000 – $25,000    Deadline: February 28
Applicants must demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in the automotive or related industries.

25.  William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fellowship for Minority Students
Award: $2,000 – $4,000    Deadline: February 28
Applicants must be graduate or undergraduate minority students with an interest in nonprofits, philanthropy, and the social sector.

26. Scholarships for Military Children
Award: $1,500    Deadline: February 28
Applicants must be dependents of US military personnel.

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Sophomores and Scholarships

If you finish your first year of college and begin to stress about how you’re going to pay for the rest of your education, don’t fret— numerous scholarships are available for students who are already enrolled in college. With the rising costs of tuition, there are many resources you can take advantage of to keep down your student loans and add merit to your resume. You can find scholarships by visiting your school’s financial aid office and making a free student profile on Cappex!

Study Abroad Scholarships

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity for college students, usually taken during junior year. As a sophomore, if you want to study abroad but don’t know if you can afford it, the option may still be available to you. There are various study abroad agencies in America that offer scholarships to help students study overseas, like the IES Abroad or AIFS Study Abroad programs. When looking for a study abroad scholarship, the best way to ensure you get the money you need is to plan early and begin looking a year ahead of time.

Corporate Scholarships

Large companies and corporations often sponsor scholarships that are available to all enrolled students with no restrictive eligibility criteria. Though there is more competition for corporate scholarships, they are great to apply for because of their straightforward requirements and easy application process. Corporate scholarships can range from a few hundred dollars to a full tuition, and many are given on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Private Scholarships

Private scholarships are more commonly found through your university, are sponsored by benefactors, and often boast the name of whomever the scholarship is commemorating. Unlike corporate scholarships, private scholarships are likely to have specific target candidates related to characteristics of the benefactor, ranging from students who study a certain major to students who have overcome certain obstacles in the past. Though this information is often available online, meeting with your academic advisor to discuss university scholarships will ensure that you know you qualify before you begin the potentially complex application process.

Paid Internships

Finding a paid internship with a company in your career field can also be a productive way to find scholarships. If they see potential in you and want you to continue working for them in the future, some companies will have aid programs where they either pay your tuition while you’re employed or work out an arrangement to help you in the future.

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Pell grants to be affected by 2012 federal budget plans

As the uncertain economic climate continues to worry both Main Street and Wall Street, government officials are close to agreeing on a new budget that could affect student financial aid such as Pell grants, reports Inside Higher Ed.

The new budget aims to cut spending by as much as $1 trillion in order to reduce the national deficit. Federal financial aid programs including the Pell grant will be affected by the new legislation. Changes that students may face as part of the new budget include a reduction in the amount of time that individuals are eligible for Pell grants. At present, students can apply for Pell grants to cover up to 18 semesters. Under the new budget, this time period would be reduced to 12 semesters. Some scholarships for college may also be affected by the budget restructuring.

In addition, the current six-month grace period on student loan repayments – where the government pays interest on student debt after they graduate – would also be eliminated under the new budget proposals, saving the government approximately $400 million.

According to CNN Money, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said that the Obama administration is committed to the Pell grant system.

"The president is making very tough cuts, painful cuts," Duncan told the news outlet. "Pieces of our budget [are] being hit hard but we have to continue to invest [in education for this country's children]." 

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