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5 People Who Can Proofread Your Scholarship Application Essays

We hope you’re finding great matches throughout your scholarship search. Deadlines are inching closer, with many scholarship applications due in February and March.  It’s tempting to wait until the last minute and submit your application quickly, but before you do, ask for feedback – everyone needs a second pair of eyes. The sooner you complete your application, the faster you can get them into the hands of someone with the capability and skill to double check grammatical and spelling errors and offer suggestions.  “Who should review my scholarship essays and applications?” you ask? They won’t take long to find because you already know them! Consider enlisting the help of some of these everday influencers in your life:

1. Teacher

Not just any teacher, but your favorite teacher. Seek out a teacher who you’re confident will be able to take the time to look over your scholarship materials carefully. Selecting an English teacher will be an advantage because writing and grammar are their expertise and of course those need the most attention when it comes to scholarship applications.

2. Guidance Counselor

Your counselor has probably helped you find scholarships, so why not have them help you revise your scholarship application? They’re your one-stop shop for everything scholarship-related and will be able to share some insider tips on what makes a winning scholarship essay.

3. Mentor

You may not realize it, but you do have a mentor out there who’s waiting to help. This person may be your coach, neighbor, tutor, or religious leader. Whoever this person is, they’ll be pleased that you’ve come to them for help with your scholarship application. They know your strengths and can offer tips on how to personalize your essay so it stands out against the competition.

4. Manager

Aside for your mentor, if you have a good relationship with your manager or supervisor, they likely won’t mind helping out. Many managers beam at any opportunity to help their employees grow and achieve educational success. Your supervisor knows you well outside of the classroom and can thus offer important insight into how you craft your responses.

5. Parents

Don’t hesitate to ask your parents or guardians for assistance. Do tread carefully though and avoid letting them write or rewrite your essay. It’s perfectly okay, however, to have them check for grammar and spelling errors and offer suggestions that will make your essay shine.