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The Most Expensive Public Colleges for Out-of-State Students

scholarshipsIllustrationIconDoes going to a public school mean you’ll be saving money on tuition? Well, it really depends. If you’re going to a public college or university as an out-of-state student, tuition can still be pretty steep. According to US News, the average out-of-state student at a public school paid $16,678 in 2010-2011 for fees and tuition.

Why are they so expensive? One reason could be that some of the schools on this list are not the most expensive schools for in-state students, meaning that out-of-staters are making up the difference.

If you’re set on an out-of-state school-especially a California state school– you might want to think about scholarships to off-set the cost.

In the meantime, here’s the list of the most expensive public colleges for out-of-state students:

1. University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-$36,163
Cool fact: Michigan Stadium, or the Big House, is the largest college football stadium in the nation and one of the largest football-only stadiums in the world, with an official capacity of more than 109,901.

2. University of California-Davis
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-$34,863
Cool fact- UC Davis campus is the largest campus in the UC system, spanning over 5,500 acres and across two counties: Yolo and Solano.

3. University of California-Irvine
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-
Cool fact- UC Irvine has an underground network of tunnels connecting different buildings and have been the subject of much campus lore.

4. University of California-Santa Barbara
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-
Cool fact- In the late 1960s and early 1970s UCSB became nationally known as a hotbed of anti-Vietnam War activity. Other than UC Berkeley, no other California college received as much attention from the national media for its antiwar activities

5. University of California-San Diego
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-
Cool fact- The UC San Diego Sun God Festival, which is in its 28th year, has grown into a 20,000 person event with student org booths and performers, as well as an eclectic mix of musical acts across 3 stages.

6. University of California-Riverside
Tuition and Fees 2010-2011-
Cool fact-
UCR is currently ranked as one of the most ethnically and economically diverse universities in the United States.

7. University of California-Berkeley
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-
Cool fact- Berkeley student-athletes have won over 100 Olympic  medals.

8. University of California-Los Angeles
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-
Cool fact- Not to rain on Berkeley’s parade, but the student athletes at UCLA have won 214 Olympic medals – 106 gold, 54 silver and 54 bronze. But, hey! Anyone embarking on higher ed is a winner.

Mind that gap: the next school is not from California.

9. University of Virginia
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-
Cool fact-Since 1842, UVA has an established Code of Honor where students at the University have pledged not to lie, cheat, or steal.  The honor system, for instance, would allow the freedom for students to take exams outside trusting that students would not cheat. Offenses of the UVA honor system are presented to the Honor Committee, a student judiciary body.

Don’t get too comfortable out of California state lines, because we’re heading back in:

10. University of California-Santa Cruz
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-
Cool fact-Imagine the Lord of the Ring’s Shire and now plop that into UC Santa Cruz’s northern campus where shrines, dens and other student-built curiosities are scattered around in the undeveloped forested area. These structures, mostly assembled from branches and other forest detritus, were formerly concentrated in the area known as Elfland,but relocated after new building in the 90’s.

10 Least Expensive Public Colleges for In-State Students

scholarshipsIllustrationIconWe’ve given you the list of the most expensive and least expensive private colleges and universities.  But, a lot of you are planning on going to your state schools.

So, since you’ve been requesting it, and US News has the stats, here it is: the ten least expensive public colleges for in-state students.

1. New Mexico Highlands University
Tuition and fees 2010-2011: $2,952
Cool fact: The university’s first president was famous archaeologist Edgar Lee Hewett, known largely for bringing about the Antiquities Act, a piece of legislation important for the conservation movement.

2. Macon State College (GA)
Tuition and fees 2010-2011: $3,082
Cool fact: The school recently approved name and design for a new mascot, The Blue Storm, in January 2011.

3. Fayetteville State University (NC)
Tuition and fees 2010-2011: $3,637
Cool fact: Alumni Darrell Armstrong is the assistant coach of the Dallas Mavericks, winners the 2011 NBA Championship!

4. California State University – Northridge
Tuition and fees:
Cool fact: Northridge is home to the National Center on Deafness and hosts the annual International Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities.

5. Elizabeth City State University (NC)
Tuition and fees:
Cool fact:Founded in 1891 as a two-year school, it became a 4-year teachers college in 1937.

6. University of Wyoming
Tuition and fees:
Cool fact: A ring of university buildings surround Prexy’s Pasture, a large grassy area whose name is attributed to the unique rule that the university president, or “prexy”, is given exclusive use of the area for livestock grazing. So don’t mess with the President’s cows.

7. University of North Carolina – Pembroke
Tuition and fees: $3,890
Cool fact: The university was originally established in 1887 as an historically American Indian liberal arts school.

8. North Carolina A&T State University
Tuition and fees: $3,899
Cool fact: NASA is one of A&T’s School of Engineering major partners. How much more legit can you get?

9. Eastern New Mexico University
Tuition and fees:
Cool fact: The university’s original construction was hindered for five years by the 1929 stock market crash and proceeding Great Depression.

10. Fort Hays State University (KS)
Tuition and fees:
Cool fact:Fort Hays annually celebrates Oktoberfest to acknowledge the Volga German heritage of Ellis County, Kansas.

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10 Cheapest Private Colleges and Universities

diplomabiggerOften times, students nix the private colleges on their college search lists because they figure they’re going to be more expensive than public schools.  But, that’s not always the case! A lot of times private colleges and universities have huge endowments and can offer many more, and often larger, grants to admitted students.

US News recently published a list of the 10 least expensive private colleges and universities for 2010-2011. As you go through the list, compare the numbers with the average cost of tuition and required fees for the 2010-11 school year which was $26,079.

Here are the 10 least expensive private schools:

1. Berea College
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-$910
Cool fact: Berea College charges no tuition; every student is provided the equivalent of four-year, full-tuition scholarships and has to take part in a work-study.

2. Brigham Young University-Hawaii
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-$4,330
Cool fact: The university owns the Polynesian Cultural Center, the largest living museum in the state of Hawaii, which employs roughly one third of the student body.

3. Brigham Young University-Provo
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-$4,420
Cool fact: Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series, is an alum.

4. Lane College
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-$8,000
Cool fact: Planning for the school had begun in 1878, but the school’s establishment was delayed by a yellow fever epidemic in the region in 1878.

5. Life University
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-$8,622
Cool fact: Life University remains the largest school in the chiropractic profession.

6. Blue Mountain College
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-$8,870
Cool fact: The college officially became co-educational in 2005.

7. Park University
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-$8,898
Cool fact: The original concept called for students to get free tuition and board in exchange for working up to half day in the college’s farm, electrical shop or printing plant.

8. Mountain State University
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-$9,000
Cool fact: The university has gone through 3 name changes: Beckley College, The College of West Virginia and now, Mountain State University.

9. Philander Smith College
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-$9,450
Cool fact: Philander Smith College was a pioneer during the civil rights movement as many of its students engaged in nonviolent resistance against segregation laws

10. Alice Lloyd College
Tuition and fees 2010-2011-$9,500
Cool fact: The college is one of two colleges in Kentucky–the other is Berea!–and one of eight in the nation–that have mandatory work-study programs.

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