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Top 10 College Towns

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A true college town is a special place. It’s more than just a home to a particular college or university. There’s a bond between the two–without the support of the town, there’d be no university, and without the impact of the university, there wouldn’t be much in the way of a town. Townspeople, students, and faculty alike share in the one-of-a-kind social melting pot that makes their home unique.

Livability recently ranked the top-10 college towns, consulting the Princeton Review and factoring in criteria like population, ratio of students to non-students, and the university’s economic impact on the town.’s Top 10 College Towns – 2012 Edition

Bloomington, IN

Bloomington, IN. Photo: Visit Bloomington (via

10. Blacksburg, Virginia

9. Ann Arbor, Michigan

8. Athens, Georgia

7. Bloomington, Indiana

6. Corvallis, Oregon

5. Lawrence, Kansas

4. Champaign, Illinois

3. Logan, Utah

2. Oxford, Mississippi

1. College Station, Texas



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Your Parents’ Top 10 Dream Schools for You

parentschoiceThe Princeton Review has published its annual College Hopes and Worries Survey, which questions prospective students and their parents about their anxieties and presumptions involving college admissions and the college application process.

Included in this survey are the top 10 colleges and universities parents wish to see their kids attend.  So if you’ve been wondering where you’re parents secretly (or openly) wish you would go to school, here you go:

The top 10 college and universities your parents wish you would just go to already (as if it’s that easy):

1. Harvard University
2. Stanford University
3. Princeton University
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5. Yale University
6. Duke University
7. Brown University
8. New York University
9. University of Notre Dame
10. Northwestern University

Yes, these are unarguably superb schools, but not every college-bound student can get into them or even wants to attend.  Even if your parents think these schools are the bee’s knees, there are so many wonderful schools out there.

What schools would make your top 10?

Where Do Video Game Designers Go to College?

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videogameIs Azeroth your home away from home?  Do you find yourself addicted to fighting wars that ended in 1945? Or do you have a VIP pass to the local go-kart facility where you shoot turtle shells at your competitors?  If your answer to any of these question is “yes,” you might have a serious passion for video games.

Your mom has probably told you a few times too many to put down your controller and do some homework because you can’t grow up to be a professional video gamer.  Well, maybe you actually can.  Video gaming is a huge industry, and it needs people to create its games.  There are undergraduate college programs where you can study how to design games, and there are scholarships for people who want to design video games as well! recently published the Princeton Review’s top 10 schools undergraduate video design schools and colleges.  Here’s what they said were the best schools and colleges for learning how to design video games:

1. University of Southern California
2. University of Utah
3. DigiPen Institute of Technology
4. Art Institute of Vancouver
5. Michigan State University
6. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
7. Drexel University
8. Champlain College
9. Rochester Institute of Technology
10. Becker College