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4 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Your First Day of College

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It may feel like you’re spending your entire summer preparing for college! You’ve shopped for dorm supplies and new clothes. You’ve decided if you’ll be taking your car to campus or leaving it at home. You’ve spoken to your roommate. You’ve signed up for your classes. You’ve been given a course catalog. You’ve paid your tuition. You feel like you’re ready!

While universities do an excellent job at educating you about campus life, there are other ways you can prepare yourself for the transition between high school and college.

Define Your Relationships

Before you leave for college, you may want to consider where your relationships stand. Do you want to be single when you leave for college? Do you plan to continue a long-term relationship? Think about what’s best for you and your future. What is going to make you happy? What is the right decision in the long run? If you can define your relationships before you leave, you’ll be better able to focus on your education and enjoying college life instead of being concerned about where things stand with you and another.

Identify Improvements

As this is a transition, now may be a good time to consider where you’d like to make improvements in yourself. Maybe once you’re in college, you would like to start going to the gym. Maybe you’d like to try to be nicer to people. You could have a tendency to lie, and decide as a college student, you’re going to work harder on telling the truth. Maybe you haven’t been single since the 7th grade, and you want to just live for yourself now. College isn’t just about improving yourself intellectually, it’s about growing as an adult!

Identify Your Core

Just as there are things you want to change about yourself, there are things you would like to stay the same. What are some of these things? Maybe you have never had alcohol, and would like to continue waiting until you’re of age. Maybe you love that you can find something funny about any situation, and that’s something you’d never want  to go away. You could love to sing, and want to identify that as being something you want to continue doing on a daily basis. Make a list of these qualities you love about yourself and keep it in a safe place. While it’s okay to change your mind about some of these things once you’re in college, you may benefit from knowing that at one point, these were the characteristics you picked to be the most important to who you are.

Update Your Facebook

One of the best ways you can keep in touch with your high school friends and make new ones quickly is to keep your Facebook profile full and updated. Display what college you’ll be attending, and where you’re currently living. Upload pictures during college orientation. Post about what classes you’ll be taking in the Fall. “Like” a couple of TV shows, music groups, books, and athletes. When you start Facebook friending classmates at school, you’ll quickly find your common ground!

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4 Ways to Choose your Freshman Roommate

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If you’re like me, when one stress source closes, another window of stress opens. So, even though you are officially relieved from the anxiety that is begotten from the college search–assuming everyone reading this blog has been admitted to college and has decided where they’ll be heading–don’t get stressed out that you’re going to run out of things to stress out about.  We have another stress factor for you: Your freshman roommate.

The freshman roommate can turn out to be a(n):

A. absolute nightmare
C. just a person you happen to share a tiny room with

Here are 4 ways to go about choosing your future freshman college roommate:

1. Blind
Rooming blind is for the adventurous. For those who yearn for the surprise and peril of the open sea! It’s also for anyone who is kind of apathetic about the whole thing.
Pro: You could be paired with someone who you wouldn’t meet otherwise and who could help expand your college world.
Con: You have no way of knowing what you’ll be getting in to.

2. A friend
Rooming with a friend is a risk, but not for risk-takers.
Pro: You’ll be living with someone you already know! Having a safety net could help you be more outgoing when making new friends.
Con: Moving from friends to college roommates is an underrated shift in the tectonic plates of friendship. You’ll suddenly be around each other 24/7.  You could risk changing the friendship you have.

3. A friend of a friend
The friend of a friend roommate strategy is the perfect smoothie made from the blind roommate situation and friend roommate situation.
Pro: You have a friend in common, so you know a mutual friend thinks you’re both pretty rad and probably won’t steal things.
Con: If you both have a lot of the same mutual friends, your social circle might not expand the way you wanted it to in college.

4. Facebook or social networking site
For the person who wants to control the roommate issue as much as they can without going through friends.
Pro: You can handpick your college roommate by sifting through different options to find the person that you think you’d get along with while dwelling together.
Con: You might not get what you thought you signed up for.

Do you have any advice or thoughts on choosing a freshman college roommate? Leave a comment!

5 Ways High School Seniors Can Prepare for College

moving into dormCollege is different from high school.

We know we’re not telling you anything new.  In fact, you’ve probably heard it a million times before, and you might have even rolled your eyes the last time someone mentioned it to you.  Maybe a teacher told you that doing your homework last minute “won’t cut it in college”.  Or maybe a friend helped you get over getting snubbed from a party list by reassuring you that “in college, there is no popular.”

Everything you’ve already heard about college has its truths and its limits.  So, we decided to give you a twist on the normal college tips you’ve already heard.

1. Find the best way you stay organized
There’s no doubt you’ve heard at some point or another that time management is king at the university.  Whelp, it’s actually true.  But, this is more than just “time management” and “stay organized”. While people might have told you to do those things, it’s easier said than done. Here are some ways to actually become organized and learn to manage your time.

Like most things, practice makes perfect. The more you practice being organized, the better you will get at it, and in college, being organized will put you miles ahead of the person who can’t even find a pen to write with in class.  So how do you start practicing organization? Start today with your high school classes and activities. Do you work better with digital calendars and reminders, or are you a pen to paper kinda guy? Maybe color coordinating the various activities in your life will help you keep them organized in your mind. Perhaps packing your bag before you go to bed will keep you from forgetting essential homework assignments. The key is trial and error. Try out a bunch of tactics to keep organized, and see what works.

2. Learn how to make food and stay healthy
No, Raman Noodles is not a substitute for the category “food”. Yes, it can be an occasional late night snack to keep you going while trucking through that 10-pager on British Imperialism and the rise of sprinkles on ice cream–but in general, you need nutrients! Nutrients are cool because they help your body work and your mind think. This is not just about avoiding the notorious Freshman 15. This about being healthy and happy.

Healthy means you’re eating food that’s good for you. Happy means that you’re enjoying the food. So before you pack your bags and don’t come home until Thanksgiving, talk with somebody who’s food you enjoy and ask for some easy recipes. There’s also always the Internet. Oh, and there’s also this (it’s awesome).

3. Budget your life
College life can get expensive. There’s books, there’s rent, there’s that amazing sweater you need right now. The best way to go about it is to create a budget for yourself. It will keep you on track and set strict guidelines for how much money you have to spend every month.

A great way to make some wiggle room for cash is to find some scholarships to help you pay for college.

4. Actually waking up to your alarm clock
We don’t know if you’ve heard, but your mom will not be driving 100 miles to your dorm room to gently nudge you awake in the morning. It’s time to start waking up on your own. Oversleeping might mean you miss the most important 5 minute mini lecture of your entire life.  So make an investment if your phone’s alarm clock doesn’t ring loudly enough. Being late in college will keep you perpetually behind.  

5. Get chatty
A major surprise for college freshman is how accessible their professors are. Too many students will sit through class taught by a world-renowned professor, take a couple notes and leave as soon as class is over. You can curb this tendency by asking more questions in your high school class and scheduling time with teachers you admire to talk about a subject in school or guidance on your higher ed plans.

When you’re in college, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the resources you worked hard to have access to! One of the best ways to do this is to simply strike up a conversation with your professor before or after class. Visit them in office hours. You never know what kind of inspiration can come out of a conversation with a great professor–it might lead you in a completely new direction.  It also might buy you an extension on that 10-pager on British Imperialism and the rise of…what was that again?