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7 Scholarship Applications for Students to Complete Before 2012

There are so many scholarship opportunities out there, and as a blogger for Cappex, I feel it is my pseudo-superhuman duty to bestow some of them upon you for you to click on.

Students get so severely stressed out about finding scholarships even though there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of scholarships out there to be had. A little work just has to go into it. Maybe some organization, some time to actually apply, some more time to review your work, and maybe a little more time to make it extra super appealing to whoever will be reading your application.

Just because you apply for a scholarship doesn’t mean you’ve done a good job at showing the scholarship providers that you deserve it. But you probably do deserve a nice hunk of free money; so take the time these scholarship applications probably deserve instead of just crossing your fingers that some Wizard of Oz type person will just pick your name out of a hat. Give youself a step up!

Start now. See if you’re a match for these scholarships, all due before 2012.

1. Dr Pepper Million Dollar Tuition Giveaway
Deadline: December 31
Award range: $2,500-$100,000
Quick fact: Open to high school juniors through college juniors, Dr Pepper will be awarding 50 different students with big, like really big, scholarships.

2. Scholarship
Deadline: December 14
Award range: $500-$10,000
Quick fact: This scholarship’s application process shouldn’t take more than an hour or so.

3. Most Valuable Student Award
December 2
Award range: $1,000-$15,000
Quick fact: Open to all high school students, this scholarship is renewable, which means it actually can add up to $60,000 total!

4. Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum Student Essay Contest
November 11
Award range: $50-$100
Quick fact: Available for all high school students.

5. STOP hunger Scholarships
December 5
Award range: $5,000
Quick fact: All grades, high school and up, with volunteer or community service are eligible to apply for this renewable scholarship–remember, renewable.

6. Imagine America Scholarship Program
December 31
Average award: $1,000
Quick fact: High school seniors and college freshman must be attending or plan to attend a participating US career college.

7. Ecologist Initiative Scholarship
December 31
Average award: $850
Quick fact: This scholarship is meant to engage young people from around the world in environmental clean-up and conservation projects. If that’s passion of yours, apply!

Will you apply to any of these? How much time do you spend on scholarships applications?

10 BIG Scholarships With Upcoming Deadlines

Scholarships! Scholarships! Scholarships!

Maybe over the last couple of months you’ve heard your teachers, guidance counselors, and parents tell you to apply apply apply, but you’ve just never quite gotten your act together.  Well–now’s the time. And that includes students in any grade in high school and even college students. We’ve included 10 big scholarships that have a range of eligibility.

And for you high school seniors…Even while you’re hustling to get your college applications done and submitted on time, you can/should still be applying for scholarships instead of waiting until spring. They’re a great way to save money on college, and some are fairly easy to apply to. Just schedule some time in your calendar over the weekend (between practice and homework and applications and friends), and apply to a few scholarships. If you take time in the application, you may be pleasantly surprised in the future when you’re awarded a big hunk of cash to help pay for college!

1. Horatio Alger National Scholarships
Deadline: October 30
Average Amount: $20,000
Awards Granted: 104

2. Coca-Cola Scholars
Deadline: October 31
Average Amount: $10,000
Awards Granted: 50

3. Voice of Democracy Scholarship Program
Deadline: November 1
Average Amount: $10,000
Award Range: $1,000-$30,000

4. Intel Science Talent Search
Deadline: November 2
Award Range: $1,000-$100,000
Awards Granted: 300

5. FIRE’s “Freedom in Academia” Essay Contest Scholarships
Deadline: November 5
Award Range: $1,000-$5,000
Awards Granted: 7

6. PBA/NCA Sally Beauty Scholarship
(for cosmetology students)

Deadline: November 15
Average Award: $1,000
Awards Granted: 7

7. Susan G. Komen for the Cure Scholarship Program
(for breast cancer survivors and those who have lost a parent/guardian to breast cancer)
Deadline: November 15
Average Award: $10,000

8. Ashley Soule Conroy Foundation Scholarship
(for students planning to study abroad)
Deadline: December 1
Average Award: $2,500

9. Most Valuable Student Award
Deadline: December 2
Award Range: $1,000-$15,000
Awards Granted: 500

10. Stephen J. Brady STOP Hunger Scholarships
Deadline: December 5
Average Award: $5,000
Awards Granted: 5


Scholarship Alert! 7 Scholarships to Apply for Today

scholarshipsIllustrationIconLooking for scholarships can be a tedious process (especially if you– cough, cough– haven’t made a profile that will literally match you to scholarships that are in your reach). So, from us to you, here is a list of 7 scholarships with approaching deadlines that are all fairly simple to apply to.

See if you’re a match!

1. Womenetics Advancing Aspirations Global Scholarship
Deadline-August 12
Quick fact-Don’t be turned away men! This scholarship is open to both men and women enrolled in college.

2. AFSA Second Chance Scholarship
Deadline-August 24
Quick fact- 5 scholarships will be awarded.

3. “First Kiss” Scholarship
Deadline-September 1
Quick fact-Available for high school students to adult college students, all you have to do to apply is write a 250 word story about your, yep, first kiss. Haven’t had one yet? Make it up.

4. Go! Study Abroad Scholarship
Deadline-September 15
Quick fact- This is for students who are planning on studying abroad.

5. Ayn Rand “Atlas Shrugged” Scholarship
Deadline-September 17
Quick fact-Yes, a book and an essay are involved, but there will be 84 scholarship winners!

6. Hit the Books Scholarship
Amount- $500
Deadline-September 30
Quick fact- Scholarship award must be used for educational books and materials.

7. Just Poetry Scholarship
Deadline-September 30
Quick fact-9 scholarships will be awarded to applicants who submit their original poetry.

Looking for more scholarships? Check out