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NY Times Explores College Debt Crisis

We’ve talked a lot about college debt.  About half of college grads from the last 5 years are out of work. In addition, college debt in America is nearing $1 trillion. The New York Times posted a video about student debt. It’s worth watching.

They also posed these questions:

What is college for?

Should everyone go to college?

How much do you think a college education is worth? How much would you be willing to pay?

Why have the costs of college risen so much in recent years?

How important is it to our society that college be affordable to all? How much student debt should be considered “unaffordable”?

How much of a priority should government financing for public universities be?

Do you plan to go to college? Ideally, what college, or type of college, would you like to attend? How much, roughly, will that cost?

What college costs should students and families take into account beyond the cost of tuition?

What options will you have for paying for college?

At what point does a college education paid for with loans stop being a good investment? How much debt is too much debt?

What are some ways that students and their families can lower the costs of college?

Whom do you know who is in college, or has recently graduated from college? Are they in debt? How has that debt affected their lives? (If you already have student debt, consider sharing your story with The Times.)

How financially literate do you consider yourself? Your family?

What messages about college have you gotten from your family, your community and your school?

What responsibility do colleges and admissions offices have to give students a realistic sense of what college will cost them? How might they do that?

After reading this series, what questions do you still have about paying for college? What steps should you take next to ensure you can afford college, if you choose to go to college?

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