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Internships: Which Companies Pay the Highest?

Among the various perks of pursuing undergraduate studies in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are the internships. Most STEM interns not only gain experience, but also a competitive salary. A recent Glassdoor report reveals the 25 Highest Paying Companies for Interns and it comes as no surprise that the tech industry dominates with 19 companies making the list. Companies in oil, gas, energy, and utilities sector make up the remainder. Palantir Technologies ranks #1 on the list with interns bringing in an average monthly pay of $7,012. WMWare, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook round out the top five. Of the top 25 employers, 18 are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, no doubt stemming from Silicon Valley, headquarters for many of the world’s largest technology corporations and small startups. Check out Glassdoor’s full report below:

25 Highest Paying Companies for Interns

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How My College Internship Made My Career

How My Internship Made My Career


English majors aren’t given a lot of promise for their careers. Between snide comments about your future waitressing job, pressure from professors to turn to teaching, and the myriad “useless majors” lists English finds itself on in a tech-savvy job market, it’s a rough world for an aspiring writer. So when a friend told me she knew someone, who knew someone, who was looking for an editorial intern, I immediately submitted my resume and writing samples. My friend put in a good word for me, and days later, I had the job! It was a good mix of networking and my own hard work.

The business at which I interned, Campus Calm, was a company dedicated to helping college students with perfectionism. The founder, Maria Pascucci, was only eight years older than me, and this became an important aspect to our relationship.

After months of proofreading and blog writing, we began working on a book: The College Student’s 10-Step Blueprint to Stop Stressing & Create a Happy, Purposeful Life. My job was to proofread, expound on an article I had written a few months before, and create a couple of fun quizzes at the end of each chapter. I was writing everyday, and it felt great! When the work was done, Maria and I met for sushi, and she handed me three copies of the finished book. The feeling I got when I saw my name in print was unreal! I was published at 21 years old! The experience proved invaluable as such an noteworthy accomplishment helped me stand out among my peers.

Upon graduation, the professional relationship I had with Maria became something more of a friendship. I would drive to her house in the city, and over lunch outside, we would spend the afternoon brainstorming ideas for her next big project. She would clue me in on the ins, outs, and struggles she faced as a business owner, (which became very useful to me) and I would confide in her about my woes as a recent college grad. (What recent college grad doesn’t have a few woes?) I knew I wanted to write, but I wasn’t sure how to go about making it my career.

Then one afternoon, as we sat on the floor of her bright blue and orange office, it occurred to me that I wanted a job like hers. I wanted to own my own business. After telling her of my plan, she immediately got to work helping me pick a name, design a web site, and file for a DBA. Within a month, my freelance writing business was launched!

Having had my business, 100 Pink Pens, for nearly a year now, Maria and I remain good friends both professionally and personally. She is always willing to provide me with advice when I need it, and I continue to help her in any way that I can. After all, she’s the reason I got my start! I was able to follow my dream of owning my own business and making a living as a writer all because of my college internship!

Don’t abandon your passion just because you’re unsure whether you can make a living doing it. Start with finding the right college to help cultivate your talent, work hard, and always be ready to say “yes” to an opportunity. You never know which one might just make your career.

What an Internship Can Do for Your Career



When it comes to today’s competitive job market, having any kind of upper hand is essential. Hundreds of applications and resumes are being pushed onto employers, with only a dozen or so given the opportunity for an interview, and only one or two of those given a position. You’re going to need something that really makes you stand out! That’s why so many college students are turning to internships these days. In fact, some colleges have decided to make it a mandatory part of their curriculum necessary for graduation! Check out these tips on what scoring an internship during college, or even after college, can do for your career.

Get Real World Experience

The most obvious benefit from getting an internship in a field related to your career is that you will be given on the job, real-world experience. While your fellow classmates will graduate with knowledge in their area of expertise, having an internship on your resume means in addition to all of that knowledge, you have experienced first-hand how that information is applied in the workforce. While your classmates have all of the ingredients to bake a cake, you’ve actually baked the cake! That may not seem like much difference to you now, but to the individual who will train you in your first entry-level job, it’s a big difference!

Get Real World Connections

An equally important benefit to getting an internship in college is that you’ll be put in connection with many other people in your field who already have what you want- a job! This is a huge opportunity for you to network. By getting on good terms with those you work with, and by making an impression on the higher ups, you will be opening doors to your future. In another year, or two, or three, they might just want to pay you to come work for them! If they don’t have openings, they are likely to have connections with other businesses that could use you. Regardless of what they can do for you, they can point you in some kind of direction, hopefully with a flattering letter of recommendation.

Get a Real World Reality Check

While an internship is a great way to get a jump start on your career, it’s also a great way to make sure you’re heading toward the right one! Too often, students find themselves in their senior year of college, or in their first entry-level job, with the realization that what they had worked for over the last four years isn’t actually what they want to do for a living. Sometimes the difference between learning about a subject, and having a job related to that subject, are dramatically different. Having an internship early on in college is the best way to make sure that situation doesn’t happen to you.