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New Year, Improved You: Making Resolutions For 2014


Take a few minutes to reflect on 2013 – do you remember your resolutions from January 1st? What worked well? What didn’t work at all? Do you even remember what your resolutions were?

When beginning a new year, we enter with a lot of enthusiasm, momentum, and overall excitement for what is to come. Especially for the clean slate. But sometimes we lose steam, focus, and motivation to hold ourselves and our goals accountable.

Before you pen your list of New Year’s resolutions, ask yourself this question: What do I really want to improve? Read on for some 2014 resolution suggestions:

  • Get Healthy

First off, take it easy on yourself. You’re busy, you’re on a budget, and no one transforms into a model overnight. Begin with setting realistic, long-term goals. Getting healthy has nothing to do with weight loss but everything to do with losing the unnecessarily bad food! (Little secret: just by adjusting your diet you’ll lose the weight anyway as your body’s way of saying, “thank you.”)

Start here: Set workout goals that fit your schedule (aim for three days a week), make the conscious effort to eat one more fruit or vegetable per day, vow to sleep for longer periods of time, and cut back on your caffeine intake.

Think of your resolution as an ongoing process throughout the next 12 months and eventually it will become your lifestyle.


  • Devise A Game Plan

Write out a blueprint. Step by step. Know exactly what goals you would like to accomplish and by when. Hold yourself accountable for those goals. Be consistent. Remember that if you wrote it down it must mean something to you. Why not make 2014 a personally productive year?

P.S. Reward yourself! Not everyone can be strict with their goals, so every time you have a victory (big or small) – spoil yourself.

  • Make A Budget

Perhaps a part of your game plan is to travel more. Maybe it is to join a new gym or attend a fitness class. Possibly it is to change your eating habits and go gluten free or vegan.  Unfortunately money trees don’t exist, so all of these things require money.

So along with your blueprint, include a section for finances. Figure out how much the essentials cost and then map out how much extra you will need to do the activities you’d like to participate in. Check out this website for tips and a template.

Tip: Try to only use your credit card for the necessities – ask yourself, do I want it or do I need it?

  • Apply For Scholarships

The average amount of student debt in 2013 was almost $30,000 according to CNN Money. Whether you’ve already embarked on your undergraduate career, are about to graduate high school, or have just entered a graduate program – it’s important to use all your resources to keep your debt to a minimum.

So, carve out some time to apply for scholarships at least a couple times a month for an hour or two. There are multiple scholarship deadlines every month, so no excuses!

Create a student profile with Cappex to search and locate multiple scholarships to aid with your financial situation and specific needs.

  • Be Persistent

Every year is filled with highs and lows or ups and downs. We all have our own personal struggles and our situations are uniquely different. And as difficult as it may sound, try not to lose focus on the resolutions you have for 2014.

Adjusting to a new lifestyle, working towards new goals, and changing certain learned behaviors can be extremely trying. You may slip up on the way but as opposed to stressing out and wasting energy, think of ways to get back on track to making 2014 the greatest year.