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Cappex Myth Busters: 4 & 1/2 College Myths Debunked

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wamcIllustrationIconIf your idea of what college and university life is like happens to be based on your dad’s nostalgic and, most likely, exaggerated stories about the craziest toga party the dean ever had to break up or the hardest professor any student ever had, or the most elaborate prank ever that he and his pal “Tank” almost got expelled for–

Well, maybe you need a fresh source of information.

Today we’re giving you 4 and 1/2 college myths and debunking them so you can understand what college life is actually like–not 30 years ago–but today:

1. Big colleges are best if you haven’t chosen a major
Surprisingly, a bigger school doesn’t necessarily mean more options for your major. As long as you decide on a school that has a good selection of fields of study, you probably have the same flexibility in majors at a small school as you would at a big one–possibly even more. For instance, you might decide that you want to create your own major. At a big school, you might have to jump through a bunch of administration hoops to do want you want. At a small school, the administration is probably more personal and even eager to help you make the education you want.

2. College is 4 years. Period.
Yes, most college students graduate in four years.  It’s kind of just the allotted time given to college students, but it’s a bit arbitrary. Depending on how long you want to stay in college, you can reasonably graduate before that four year mark or after. If you want to graduate in fewer than four years, it’s as easy as meeting with an adviser and scheduling your credits smartly so that you complete what you need in time.  If you want to stay past the four year mark, it also makes sense to sit down with a college adviser to figure out when you should take which classes when, or what you can accomplish with the “extra” time.

3. You must go Greek immediately
A ton of incoming college freshman freak out because they want to go Greek–join a fraternity or sorority–but have barely even acclimated to college life yet. Too many students hurry into Greek like without really knowing what they even want out of college. The good news? You don’t have to rush until you’re certain you want to. There are houses that offer second semester rush, or, you can even just wait until you’re a sophomore to join. Do what you’re comfortable with!

4. Hazing is just part of the tradition!
Hazing may be a tradition in a house, but colleges and universities do not condone it. Too many times does a hazing activity go too far, as in it will cause serious harm to people, because nobody stands up to stupid or dangerous ideas. If you’re doing the hazing, and it goes public, you could get into serious trouble. We’re talking like actual trouble with police and legal things and lawyers and all that stuff.

4.5 College isn’t the real world
College is kind of a bubble considering how unique it is to have such a high concentration of young people trying to learn in one place. So yes, that can seem a little “unreal”. But it’s not like college campuses exist in magic fairy tale dimensions. College campuses are in real places where real people live and work and play. You don’t have to wait to make an impact or try living in the “real world” until after college–you’re in it now. Your campus may be different from where you want move after you graduate, but there’s no reason you can’t immerse yourself into the local culture or contribute to it. Even just getting a normal job off-campus can help you realize you’re in the real world.

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I’m Going to College, Now What Should I Take with Me?

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wamcIllustrationIconBesides snakes, the boogie man, spiders, and the occasional un-dead, packing is one of the most feared phenomenons known to man. How can an ordinary human effectively and efficiently decide on which selective assortment of belongings will have the privilege of moving from point A to point B? The mere thought of it could put any person in a tizzy.

When you’re packing for not just a little vacation but for a year of college, things can get pretty heated. There’s just no way you can take both your lava lamp and study lamp! You’ll only have room for one.

To help quell your fear, here’s a list of 7 things you should bring with you to your freshman dormitory:

1. Extra-long sheets and bedding
Definitely double-check this one, but most college dorms have extra-long mattresses. Some simple math brings me to the conclusion that if you have a longer mattress, you’ll need longer sheets. Also, you might want to bring a study pillow if you’re ever too tired to head out to the library.

2. The smallest kitchen you’ll hopefully ever use
There will be a point in your college career when leaving your 10′ X 15′ room is just not an option–think extreme weather or wee small hours of the morning. To prepare for instances like this, you’ll want a mini fridge and/or microwave. There’s no way you can pull an all-nighter without something delicious to nosh on.

3. Laundry bag/basket
The laundry bag/basket serves multiple important purposes including the obvious, to hold and transfer laundry from your dorm room to the laundry facility. The other utilization of the laundry bag/basket is for the quick fix before your parents show up for visitors’ weekend. If you don’t have time to really clean your room, just temporarily stick everything in there. Old college trick.

4. A tiny bit of nostalgia
Take a little morsel of what you had back home with you to college. A couple of pictures of the “Fab Five” or that guy trying way too hard to grow mustache that you took to prom is fine. Maybe throw in a couple pictures of mom and dad. But don’t go too far. College is about moving forward.

5. Sustenance
What’s your fuel? A protein bar? Some V8? Whatever non-perishable it is, buy it in bulk and keep it in a container under you bed. You’ll thank me later.

6. A lot of boring stuff
Bring all that stuff you don’t really have to purchase at school because you have an abundance of them at home i.e. hangers, coffee mugs, notebooks, pens, hula skirts (maybe I just grew up in a weird home)–all the lovely little things you take advantage of while living at home.

7. School supplies
This one kind of piggy backs on #6, but you can save some money by bringing school supplies you already have at home with you to college. Look through your house for extra things you might want, like pens, calculators, books etc. Also, definitely figure out what your computer situation is going to be. Will you purchase a laptop or desktop with a student deal? Or will you opt on using the school computer labs?

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