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Common College Search Mistakes

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Avoid Common College Search Mistakes - Use Cappex!

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Attention high school seniors: It’s that time!

You’ve spent the last three years giving up your free time so you could fill in the blanks on your resume with volunteer work, extra curricular activities, and a part time job. You’ve invested countless hours studying so you could make the grades. Now it’s time for all of that hard work to pay off. It’s time to begin your college search! Check out these common mistakes high school students make on their quest to find the perfect college fit!

Not Searching

The biggest mistake you can make in the college search is not searching at all. Perhaps your father, grandfather, and great grandfather all went to the same college, and you just assumed that’s where you should go, too. Maybe your freshmen year, you and your group of friends all decided to go to the same college. Or maybe you picked your own college, but it was in middle school. Do not just go with the flow because you might not like where you’re headed. You need to choose your own direction, or at very least, verify that the direction you’re going is indeed your best option!

Not Spending Enough Time Searching

Deciding where you’ll spend the next four years is not a decision you should make lightly. This is where you’ll be trained in the knowledge that prepares you for your career. This will be where you will eat, sleep, and breath. This is where you’ll make new friends, join clubs, and independently become the person you want to be. Take your time deciding what it is your looking for, and familiarizing yourself with what’s out there. You want to be sure that you’re giving yourself the best opportunities, and that you’re going to choose somewhere you like.

Not Visiting the Campus

One of the biggest and most common mistakes students make is when it comes to choosing where to apply, they often judge a college by the web site, posters, and photographs in college catalogs instead of actually going to see the campus. This is like choosing your friends just by looking at their yearbook pictures! Just like you spend extra time picking out an outfit, a background, a smile, and a hairdo, colleges try extra hard to look good for their pictures, too! You won’t know what a college looks like on a typical day, or what kind of culture is has, until you actually take the time to go there.

Not Using Cappex to Find Your Best College Fit

Unlike our parents’ generation, where colleges were found through college fairs and guidance counselors, we have the internet to make our lives easier! Cappex is a site where you can search for colleges, and colleges can find you as well! By filling out a profile and answering a few questions about what you’re looking for, you can be linked to colleges all over the country that best match your interests and preferences! You can even find out your chances of being accepted!

For even more info about making your search as thorough as possible, check out this edition of Cappex White Board Friday in which Bobby highlights the Top 3 College Search Mistakes students make.

Questions to “Interview” your Potential College

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As you begin your college search, you’ll find that there are thousands of colleges, and they’re all remarkably different! You’ll likely find many that could be a good fit, but narrowing them down to the few you’ll actually apply to can be difficult.

Imagine that you’re interviewing your future school for the position of providing you with the best education and college experience possible. The following is a list of questions to “ask” your future school.


Is this a two or four year institution?

Is this a large school or a small school?

What is the average number of people per class at this school?

Is this college in a suburban, urban, or rural environment?

What does the surrounding community have to offer?

What is there to do for fun?

Is this a public or private school?

Is this a same-sex or co-ed school?

Does this school have a religious affiliation?

How much does this school cost?

Does this institution offer scholarships and other financial aid programs?

How far is this school from home?

Is this school in-state or out of state?

What majors does this college offer?

What makes pursuing my major at this school different than another school?

Is this school able to give me a good education?

What benefits does this school have to offer?

What are the meal plans and food like?

Does this school offer extra-curricular activities I’m interested in?

Does this school offer a particular sport I want to play?

Does this school have a sorority, fraternity, or national honor society I want to be a part of?

What are the acceptance rates for this school?

Do I meet the acceptance criteria for this school?

Does this college offer study abroad programs?

How do students get around at this school?

Am I allowed to have a car at school?

What is the transfer rate for this school?

What is the drop out rate for this school?

What percentage of students who attend this college graduate in four years?

What are the students like at this college?

How diverse is this college?

Does this school have enough computer labs, a big library, a pool or a gym?

How many of my high school classmates plan on attending this college?

Will I live on or off campus?

How safe is the college and surrounding community?

What is living on campus like at this college?

How many people share a dorm room at this school?

How many people share a bathroom in the dorms?

Are the residence halls co-ed?

What is this school known for?

Do I like how the school looks?

Is this school up to date on their technology and equipment?

What have the professors in my field of study accomplished?

Could I feel at home here?


For tons of resources to help you search for colleges, find scholarships, and discover your perfect college match, check out Cappex.

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10 Smallest Colleges in the U.S.


We have been hearing a ton of feedback on the big school/small school debate, like these comments from Cappexians Emily and Audrey:


The debate could go on forever about the pros and cons of a big school versus a small school, but in the end, it’s what floats your boat! If smaller classes, guaranteed attention from professors and faculty, and a close-knit community is something you’re looking for, how about starting off your college search with the 10 smallest colleges in the United States:

1. Shimer College
Enrollment – 81
Fun fact – Shimer college, now co-ed, was originally founded as an all female college. Its classes are exclusively small seminars–how could they be that big!– in which students discuss original source material rather than read textbooks

2. Sterling College
Enrollment –
Fun fact – Sterling College is one of seven colleges part of the Work College Consortium, which means it’s an institution of higher learning where student work is an integral and mandatory part of the educational process.

3. Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts
Enrollment –
Fun fact – The Lyme Academy is known for its contemporary focus on the history and tradition of representational art, centered on the study of nature and the figure. So if you want a contemporary focus on the history and tradition of representation art, centered on the study of nature and the figure…this might just be the place for you…just…maybe…

4. Bryn Athyn College
Enrollment – 155
Fun Fact – Bryn Aythn’s College’s original campus and surrounding community was designed in 1893 by Charles Eliot of the firm Olmstead, Olmstead, and Eliot – the famous firm responsible for the design of New York City’s Central Park.

5. Art Academy of Cincinnati
Enrollment –
Fun fact – Students at the Art Academy of Cincinnati work closely with faculty members who themselves are professional contemporary artists (student to faculty ratio is 10:1).

6. Burlington College
Enrollment – 166
Fun fact – Burlington College is one of the few American universities to offer study abroad programs in Havana, Cuba. So if you have an undying desire to relive your favorite movie “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights,” this might be the easiest way to get the clearance to go to Cuba.

7. College of Visual Arts
Enrollment –
Fun fact – The College of Visual Arts is comprised of 5 school buildings including a 1915 mansion.

8. Montserrat College of Art
Enrollment –
Fun fact – Well-known alumni of Montserrat include prominent fashion designer Sigrid Olsen, sculptor Carlos Dorrien, and children’s book illustrator Giles Laroche.

9. Cogswell Polytechnical College
Enrollment –
Fun fact – Among Cogwell’s other programs are animation and video game development.

10. Judson College
Enrollment –
Fun fact – Judson is one of the oldest women’s colleges in the United States, but is now co-educational.

What’s your take? Do these schools sound too small or are they just the right size? Leave a comment!