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Your Academic Survival Kit

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Your Academic Survival Kit


With the semester only a few weeks old, and with the work already piling on, you may already be finding yourself struggling to survive your classes. There is nothing worse than feeling like you can’t pass a class, or wondering if you will ever have free time again, when you’re only just beginning your journey. If you find yourself feeling this way, check out these items you may want to consider gathering for your academic survival kit!

A Calendar or Planner

In order to make it through this semester, and any other tough semester, you’re going to need a way to take control of your work. When you have things planned out, and you know when your papers are due and when your tests are given, you have the power to do something about it!

A List of Tutoring Sessions

Even if you only use a tutor one time, it can be extremely helpful to know at a moment’s notice when sessions are scheduled. Should you find out a day before your exam that you are truly unable to teach yourself something you missed in class, it will be nice to have this resource available to you.

Your Professors’ Contact Info

For the same reason you should have a tutoring session schedule, having your professors’ email addresses already saved into your computer can be very useful in a tight spot! Should you need to schedule an appointment, or should you just have a quick question regarding what you learned in class that day, your professors can get back to you rather quickly!

A Good Place to Study

If your desk chair feels like a pile of bricks, or if your roommate is always watching TV, you’re probably not going to be interested in spending a lot of time focusing on your work. Find a quiet corner on the fourth floor of the library, or a lounge in your residence hall nobody remembers exists, and make this your own quiet study spot.

A Red Bull

Despite how well you plan or manage your time, just about every student at some point finds themselves having to stay up past their desired bedtime to complete an assignment. You don’t want to realize at 1 a.m. that you have a paper due in the morning, and the campus store that houses anything you could have used to charge your brain closed at midnight. Have something stored in your dorm room, like a coffee or energy drink, that could kick start your mind into finishing whatever it is you have to stay up and work on.

A Yoga DVD

Perhaps you don’t need a yoga video per se, but you will need something that allows you to release your stress from time to time!

Counseling Center Information

Many students who visit the counseling center are there for academic reasons. Your college counselors are trained to help students who are feeling overwhelmed or upset about schoolwork. Even if you never actually go, it doesn’t hurt to know where the counseling center is located on campus!