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5 Questions to Ask Your High School Advisor

As a high school student, the college search process can loom over your head for months because you don’t know where to start. A great place to begin is with your advisor or guidance counselor. They will have insider resources for you and will be able to give you accurate application advice since they will have access to your transcript.

Still bashful about approaching your advisor? Here are some questions to get you started!

Am I on track to graduate?

Your counselor will be able to look at your GPA (grade point average), the classes you have completed, and the ones you still need to take. They’ll be honest with you and outline what courses you still need to complete high school. Find this out sooner rather than later!

What electives or extra curricular activities do colleges appreciate the most?

High school guidance counselors look at college applications and requirements ALL. THE. TIME. They will definitely know what types of activities schools enjoy seeing outside of academic performance.

What is the difference between AP, IB, and Honors classes?

These courses are different, and you could end up graduating with some college credit already tucked away in your back pocket after taking some of them. If your school offers these specialty classes, find out from your counselor if they think it is worth it to take some to increase your chances at particular colleges or universities.

What schools are similar to my current choices?

If you go into your advisor’s office with a few options – schools you are considering or that appeal to you already – he or she should be able to find other schools that are similar. You’ll probably find out about schools you didn’t know existed and be able to give yourself more options come application time.

Are there past students who have gone to my school of choice?

See if your guidance counselor remembers students in the past couple of years who ended up attending the same schools you are considering. It is always very helpful to talk to a current student at your potential university – they will have the inside scoop on what campus life is like. Your counselor may be able to connect you to these students for advice or a visit!


When in doubt, check Cappex for more information on finding your perfect college match and meeting with your guidance counselor! Good luck!

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Deciding to Join the Military

Categories: Admissions Advice

Joining the military can be a great, respectable option for students who don’t want to go to college, students who wish to postpone college for a few years, or students who are looking to enter the work force after high school. The military offers a unique experience to give back to your country, and many people are attracted to the prestige and benefits the military has to offer.

You may be thinking about the military as part of your future plans, but before you make a definite decision, it is important to ask yourself what your real motivation for enlisting is. The military is not for everyone, and once you enlist, you’re required to serve out your term even if it doesn’t turn out to be the experience you anticipated. Serving can be a very rewarding experience both personally and professionally and allow you to have a very enriching few years. Consider the following potential motives:

• Are you looking for a job?
• Do you not know what else to do?
• Do you want to serve your country?
• Are you looking for a career with the military, or do you just want to serve a term or two?
• Are you interested in the educational benefits and money for college?
• Do you want to see the world?
• Are you looking for a way to mature?
• Does serving in the military run in your family?
• Do you need money for college?
• Are other personal motivations driving you?

Once you determine that—and why—the military is the right choice for you, you will need to determine which branch you’d like to join. The best way to gain a real perspective about what military life will be like in each of the services is to meet with recruiters and ask all the questions you have about enlisting, including how to get started, specific details about deployment and active duty, what job opportunities are available to a new recruit, and whether there are options available primarily in the United States or overseas. There are six main services that make up the military: Marines, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and National Guard/Reserves. Once you research each of these branches and narrow down your decision, speaking to your guidance counselor or looking on the internet will help you find recruiters and recruiting offices in your area.

Still need help making plans after high school? Cappex can help!

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