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6 Helpful (and Free!) Smartphone Apps for Students

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You know you can use your smartphone for good, right? In case you weren’t in the loop, a smartphone allows you to access more apps than just Instagram and Angry Birds. Check out these six free smartphone apps that will help you ace that next exam and get ahead of the school game.

1. Open Study Mobile

Two words: free tutoring. This mobile app gives students access to free study assistance 24/7.


Have an essay or paper to write? Keep this free app handy when you search for creative and advanced vocabulary words. This easy to use and lets you double check that you’re using that long word correctly.

2. AnyMemo

This free flashcard app will help you memorize (almost) anything. Download thousands of flashcards in a variety of languages and take sample quizzes to help you get up to speed and prep for tests.

4. Google Drive

On the go? This free app will help keep you organized by allowing you to view and edit homework, notes, and even spreadsheets!

5. NoRedInk

This is a free, teacher-developed, web-based app that was developed to help students avoid common writing and grammar mistakes. EVERYONE can benefit from a grammar lesson or three.

6. GPA & Final Exam Calculator

Sorry, iPhone users. This one is for the Android users out there. This app allows you to input your school’s grading scale and requirements for exams and critical deadlines. An easy way for you to stay organized, and ahead of the curve.

What apps do YOU find useful in helping you get the best education you can? Comment below!

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