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Cappex Can Help after College!

Cappex Can Help after College


Dear College Seniors,

Congratulations on making it to your final year of college! You should be very proud of yourselves. This year is going to be great! You might be wondering what Cappex can still do for you – or will be able to do for you after graduation. Cappex is the place to find a college match, scholarship opportunities, and advice throughout your schooling. But what about… after college?

Have no fear, you fearless College Seniors! Cappex will not abandon you. There are tons of tools available to post-grads. For instance:

Internship Help

Cappex offers information on and tips for internships. While many students will have completed these during their college years, often times an internship is the best launch pad for your career. If you have your heart set on working in a specific company, they may hire interns first before looking at outside candidates.

Social Help

Yes, we know many of our words of wisdom are geared towards students. However, Cappex’s rules for using social media, setting goals, and finding a balance between life and work apply to people all over. Not just students in the midst of mid-term season. Also, there’s tips on filing taxes, a task at which many college graduates are new their first year out of school.

Graduate School Help

Some students apply to and attend grad school right out of college – but many take a year or two (or three!) to work and relax before diving back into the education pool. Cappex has tons of information on why to apply to graduate school and which graduate schools might suit you best. You found your college here, you might just find your grad school, too!

Scholarship Help

So, if you are thinking about graduate school, you know where to look for scholarships and all of the information you’ll need for financial aid. Hooray!

Job Help

Finding a job is not a piece of cake, but once you’ve got one there are other hurdles that may be intimidating to conquer. Cappex offers insight into relocating for a job and bad behavior for new employees. In addition, our interview tips are listed for summer jobs, but they can and should be applied to any job interview on which you go.

13 Cities You Might NOT Want to Move to After Graduation

Already putting your plans together for life after college graduation?

Which city have you always dreamed of living in?

Well, if it’s one of the 13 cities below, you might not want to move there unless you’ve landed a job there ahead of time.

According to this Daily Beast article, the September census illustrates what most of us probably already knew (and those on Occupy Wall Street are protesting…I think?): the outlook for unemployment does not look too good for America’s newest adult population.

But wait! There’s more!

There are certain places where recent grads have been hit even harder. These cities have the greatest rise in an educated yet unemployed population since 2008. Trying to start a booming career in one of these places could actually mean an endless job search and cutting your losses by taking a gig at the Dairy Queen.

Here are those cities:

1. Orlando, Fla.
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 23.7% 

2. Seattle, Wash.
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 18.8% 

3. Virginia Beach, Va.
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 12.7% 

4. Birmingham, Ala.
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 24.1% 

5. Dayton, Ohio
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 23.4%

6. Nashville, Tenn.
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 15.5%

7. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 15.2%

8. Milwaukee, Wis.
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 21.3%

9. Las Vegas, Nev. 
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 19.6% 

10. Louisville, Ky.
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 14.8% 

11. Columbus, Ohio
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 14.8% 

12. Riverside, Calif.
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 27.4%

13. Houston, Texas
Current unemployment, age 20-24: 14.2%

What city do you want to wind up in? Leave a comment below.

5 Awesome Ways to Decorate a Mortar Board

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mortarIt’s graduation season! Congratulations to high school and college seniors moving on to their next phases in life.

If you’re graduating, you probably have a lot of things on your mind like how to get a job or how to say goodbye to your friends before leaving for college.  But the thing that is most definitely, most certainly, most undoubtedly concerning you the most is how you will stand out during your graduation ceremony.  If everybody’s in the same robe and mortar board, how will your parents know who you are? How will they ever be able to spot you amid the sea of hundreds, or thousands, of students clad in your school colors?

The solution is not only easy, but fun: decorate the top of your mortar board.  If everybody else has a black mortar board, a little splash of color will make yours pop.

Here are 5 ways to decorate your mortar board:

1. Personalized Message
Send a shout-out to the people cheering you on during graduation!  Using colorful tape, pipe cleaners, glitter pens or whatever you have up your sleeve, write out a message! Something short and sweet usually does the job, like “Hi, Mom!”, your initials or celebratory “We did it!”

2. Your Graduation Year
Have some class pride! Spice up your mortar board by hot-gluing cut-outs of your class year to the top. This is a great way to make your mortar board a more meaningful keepsake.

3. Say Something Meaningful to You
It may be a strange place to spread the word, but if there’s a positive message you want to send out, why not do it atop your mortar board? Just keep it appropriate for the occasion.

4. Colorful Flowers
Once again, bring out the hot glue gun.  Stop by a crafts store and pick up some exaggerated fake flowers.  Glue on your flower arrangement, and give friends and family the garden view of graduation.

5. Game board
You can get all sentimental with your mortar board with the aforementioned options, or you can be a little tongue and cheek with it.  Considering mortar boards are in fact boards, you can design the flat space to look like a game of checkers, Monopoly or any other familiar thing that would fit well on a mortar board space.

Do you have any other suggestions? Comment and let us know!