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Outstanding High School Grad Party Ideas!

If you are looking for ideas for your high school graduation party, look no further! You can always throw the standard open house in your own home, or you can try one of these sweet options to mix things up a bit. Whatever you do, make it fun and special to you.

Destination Celebration!

Try renting out a favorite restaurant with a group of friends. You will be able to save a bit of money splitting the cost. If it is a local place you’re all connected to, it will be a fun way to bid adieu to your hometown together. If you work with the restaurant to have a buffet-style party, more people will easily be able to come and go as they please.

Progressive Dinner

With a group of friends, you could organize a progressive dinner. This is where each member of the group hosts a different course of the evening at their home. For instance, one of you would prepare the appetizers, someone else would serve the main course at their house, and yet another friend would host everyone for dessert! This is great to do with a tight-knit group. It can also work with a larger group if people would rather show up for only one portion of the evening.

Time Travel

Instead of hosting your graduation party right after you graduate – or in the Spring like everyone else – try saving it until later in the Summer! Late July or early August (depending on when most people leave for school) is a great time to have everyone celebrate. It will feel almost like a going-away party and be a fantastic way to wind down your final Summer before college starts.

Dream Theme

Go crazy and pick a theme for your grad party! This can be as rigid or loose as you like, but either way it will give you direction in terms of decorations or ambiance. Even something as cheesy as “Under the Sea” could inspire shrimp appetizers! Blue streamers! Beach music! Or stick to your school colors – your high school or your future college. Do you plan on playing sports at school? Set up a miniature or user-friendly version of your sport in the backyard for guests.

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10 Ways to Spend LE$$ on Your Graduation Party


Location! Hosting graduation parties at your house makes the most sense – it’s cheap and personal! However, if you know your place is too small for all your guests, see if one of your best friends would want to share their home with you and do a double party! Make sure you offer your time and energy to preparation and cleaning up afterwards.

Email! Sending invitations via email or using an eVitation helps you save money on stationary, envelopes, postage and time.


No catering! Homemade goodies can go a long way. It will take more work the day of your party, but you will definitely save on hiring someone to make food and deliver it. Pasta salad is a great dish that is easily homemade.

Fill up guests on bread! People will eat less if they fill up right away on their snacks. Mini sandwiches, breadsticks, and crackers with cheese are all good options.

Napkins instead of plates! If you can stick to finger food, you won’t have to splurge on plastic silverware or plates. Larger paper napkins can definitely work for mini sandwiches or handfuls of snack mix.

Borrow supplies! If you need trays to display food, don’t go out and buy new ones. Ask friends to borrow some. Also, get creative with what you have! A large plate placed on top of an upside-down bowl can be a makeshift cookie display.


Never underestimate crepe paper streamers! They are super cheap and instantly add color and fun to any room. Using school colors is always super festive. Check out more crepe paper tips here!

One bouquet goes a long way! You can either use one large bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece to your main snack table, or split it up. Placing a single flower in a used wine or soda bottle is simple and elegant; suddenly your big bouquet has turned into tons of tiny versions!


Free music! Instead of buying or downloading new music, plug your speakers into a laptop or computer and pick your favorite stations on a site like Pandora or create playlists on Spotify.

Group activities! Setting out fun group activities will keep guests entertained. If you have a yard, setting out sports gear (soccer balls, badminton racquets, etc.) will invite them to play a game. If you have limited yard space, place a few decks of Trivial Pursuit or playing cards around for people to pick up and quiz each other.

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