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4 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Your First Day of College

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It may feel like you’re spending your entire summer preparing for college! You’ve shopped for dorm supplies and new clothes. You’ve decided if you’ll be taking your car to campus or leaving it at home. You’ve spoken to your roommate. You’ve signed up for your classes. You’ve been given a course catalog. You’ve paid your tuition. You feel like you’re ready!

While universities do an excellent job at educating you about campus life, there are other ways you can prepare yourself for the transition between high school and college.

Define Your Relationships

Before you leave for college, you may want to consider where your relationships stand. Do you want to be single when you leave for college? Do you plan to continue a long-term relationship? Think about what’s best for you and your future. What is going to make you happy? What is the right decision in the long run? If you can define your relationships before you leave, you’ll be better able to focus on your education and enjoying college life instead of being concerned about where things stand with you and another.

Identify Improvements

As this is a transition, now may be a good time to consider where you’d like to make improvements in yourself. Maybe once you’re in college, you would like to start going to the gym. Maybe you’d like to try to be nicer to people. You could have a tendency to lie, and decide as a college student, you’re going to work harder on telling the truth. Maybe you haven’t been single since the 7th grade, and you want to just live for yourself now. College isn’t just about improving yourself intellectually, it’s about growing as an adult!

Identify Your Core

Just as there are things you want to change about yourself, there are things you would like to stay the same. What are some of these things? Maybe you have never had alcohol, and would like to continue waiting until you’re of age. Maybe you love that you can find something funny about any situation, and that’s something you’d never want  to go away. You could love to sing, and want to identify that as being something you want to continue doing on a daily basis. Make a list of these qualities you love about yourself and keep it in a safe place. While it’s okay to change your mind about some of these things once you’re in college, you may benefit from knowing that at one point, these were the characteristics you picked to be the most important to who you are.

Update Your Facebook

One of the best ways you can keep in touch with your high school friends and make new ones quickly is to keep your Facebook profile full and updated. Display what college you’ll be attending, and where you’re currently living. Upload pictures during college orientation. Post about what classes you’ll be taking in the Fall. “Like” a couple of TV shows, music groups, books, and athletes. When you start Facebook friending classmates at school, you’ll quickly find your common ground!

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5 Reasons to Relish in High School Before College

Being a teenager means wanting the next best thing–the newest Apple product, that new Ed Hardy shirt, those Uggs, a Razor scooter, a laser disk player, a MySpace account–and some of those things you wind up regretting.

Look, I basically sold my soul to my parents for three months to earn enough allowance to buy Jurassic Park on laser disk, so I understand what it’s like to want the next best thing with all your heart.

I especially understand when the next best thing is college, which means freedom, no parents, new friends, no more social cliques, and getting to be a grown up.

So let me play devil’s advocate with you because it’s likely you’re going to ignore your parents’ pleas to you to “not grow up too fast.” But hey, don’t grow up too fast. Sure high school can seem lame because everyone’s telling you what to do and you’re just like, so over it.  But, let me try to convince you why you shouldn’t let yourself get too over it too quickly.

5 reasons to relish high school while you can:

1. Your friends
Chances are, you’ve made some of your best friends in high school, or even just that one in a million person who also prefers mustard over ketchup 100% of the time. Our high school years are essential in forming who we become largely because of the friendships you make. So even if you’re not popular, or you feel too popular, whatever your angst-y angle on the situation is, your high school friends are special because they’re going with you on this weird roller-coaster of adolescence that nobody else will ever quite understand. So don’t be too rushed to say goodbye to them.

2. The guidance
You’re probably sick and tired of people telling you what to do, but if you can just spin it a little and think of what every teacher, parent, or counselor is saying as suggestions that you can take or leave at the door, it might be little easier to swallow. The thing you need to grasp is that you’re not an adult, as mature as you may be. And being in high school is a unique opportunity to be around adults who have had experience in life who can guide you. Your high school is a community that is literally built to help you succeed. Get the most out of its resources and your relationships before your pop a wheelie out of there.

3. The extra-curricular activities
High school, of all places, is the place to learn how to be involved in something, to grow with a team of people, and to eventually take on leadership positions. Whether it’s sports, DECA, debate, theater, choir, student council, volunteer, or anything else, your high school activities give you the opportunity to be passionate about something and to also expand yourself as well-rounded person.

4. The fleetingness
Blink and it’s over. You’re in your mid-40s wishing you could just be back in those high school halls, high-fiving your pals as you pass them in J-Hall, stopping to chat with your crush of that moment, and leaving for biology with the delightful and exciting sense of butterflies in your stomach. High school, in retrospect, is super fun. You’re just with a bunch of your peers all day learning about things you never knew before. But yeah, then it’s gone.

5. The preparation
I know I’ve been a bit sentimental about this whole relish your high school years thing, and it’s not like I wish I was back in high school or anything–I mean, I totally do–there’s a badminton rival I’d really like to meet face-to-face with again–but here’s a non-sentimental point. High school prepares you for college. If you’re all “I’m just so over this!” and you decide to graduate high school early, for the wrong reasons, you won’t be as prepared for college as you could’ve been.

So yes, it’s okay to delete your MySpace account, but just enjoy the days you have left in high school.

Are you “over” high school? Or do you think students take high school for granted? Leave a comment below.