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3 Things I Wish I’d Known Freshman Year: The Technology Edition

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3 Things I Wish I'd KnownTechnology definitely has its place in today’s college environment, and it is important to stay on top of the latest advances to stay on top of your game.

#1: Online banking is your best friend.

Freshman year, I learned that there are many things I could do from the warm comfort of my own bed. Keeping track my bank account was one of them. I wish I’d known from the beginning how great of a resource online banking could be. When you are managing your money for the first time, it is very convenient to have a way to access account information from wherever you can connect to the Internet. Depending on weather conditions, your level of laziness, and the location of the nearest bank or ATM on campus, you may not always be able to make frequent visits and have an idea of where you stand financially. Create an online account with your bank, and you will always be able to make smart spending decisions.

#2: Other people can see your computer screen.

I have quite a few friends who had bad computer experiences freshman year. With the increasing popularity of Facebook and other social media websites, it is always important to remember that others can see what (and more importantly WHOM) you are looking at. You may assume that the people around you are paying attention to what is going on in class or in their studies at the library, but odds are if you are doing your own thing, they probably are, too. Unfortunately, this means they might be taking in their surroundings, including whatever is going on on your computer screen. There’s nothing wrong with checking your Facebook in public, but it’s WHOSE profile you’re looking at that can potentially get you into trouble. It’s impossible to know who around you will have a connection to the face on your screen, and in the small college environment, odds are it will somehow get back to them that you were checking them out.

#3: You don’t always have to be attached to your cell phone.

Building new relationships is one of the hardest parts of starting freshman year. Although you may be used to constantly texting friends on your cell phone, it is definitely a good idea to put it away when you’re out meeting new people. It is not necessary to always be talking to people who are not immediately around you, and you will come off as more interesting and more engaged if your focus is on the conversation you’re having in person instead of the conversation you’re having on your phone.

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5 Ways to Get to Know Your RA!

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5 Ways to Get to Know Your RA


Your RA is your Resident Assistant (or Resident Advisor). They are upperclassmen that live in residence halls and dorms with underclassmen. RA’s have been trained to resolve disputes between students, uphold housing guidelines, and give you any and all advice you require as a freshman. Your RA is a terrific resource for all things college and will be there for you if anything goes wrong. Here are five ways you can get to know him or her better.

1. Attend meetings your RA arranges. It might feel silly or lame, but go anyway! Especially at the beginning of the school year. She will have important information on dorm rules and will share something about herself. Like a professor, your RA will have certain hours she is available to you and can point out special tips for your specific dormitory.

2. Friend your RA on Facebook. If she’s on your news feed, you can see what sorts of activities she is involved in and invite her to your own! You can also message her privately if you have an issue you don’t feel comfortable talking about in person. However, keep in mind Cappex’s tips on How to Use Social Media EffectivelyYour posts are available for all eyes on Facebook – including your RA.

3. Ask about her major and extra-curricular activities. Finding out that your RA has similar interests (football!) and stressors (bio exams!) will make her more accessible. Take it from Kaitlin Travers, who wrote an article for USA Today’s College section last year on being an RA. Instead of power hungry tyrants, Kaitlin proves that RA’s are college students just like you.

4. Use your RA and their training! Don’t be shy. If you have any sort of question or issue, check with your RA first. Chances are she is eager to help and will have an answer for you. You’ll get to know her problem solving strategies and how she interacts with you.

5. Invite your RA to a study session. Since they are upperclassmen, RA’s might have insight into study tools to use or great professors to take. They also might have experience working internships or be able to share their experience being an RA! Being an RA is a great way to save money on room and board during college.

Bottom line? Your RA doesn’t have to be a stranger. She also doesn’t have to be your best friend! But RA’s are definitely a good resource and will work with you if you work with them.

Have any RA success stories? Share them here!

Are you an RA? How do you like it?

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How to Use Social Media Effectively

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How to Use Social Media Effectively


Social Media: web and mobile technologies that promote interactive communication between communities, companies, groups, and individuals. Social media sites include everything from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to YouTube, Flickr to Pinterest, and many more.

As a college student, you may use social media sites for fun and entertainment at first. Facebook is an extremely popular way to get to know fellow students you meet around campus.

However, you are also entering a new stage in your life. What you say, do, type, and post online carries weight and can follow you for years down the road. It is important to be savvy as you navigate the online world of social media.

Remember that you may be a college freshman now, but in four years you will be a college graduate competing with the rest of the world for a job. Before graduation, you will probably apply for internships. Employers are not strangers to social media and can easily look up your online profiles if they so choose. Stay one step ahead and protect yourself from potential pitfalls of social media.


  • Don’t hide behind your computer. When you type comments or blog personal feelings from the safety of your living room, make sure they are things you’d say in real life, too.
  • Don’t post questionable photos. Photos of students partying or making crude poses might be funny in the moment, but if they go up on your Facebook timeline, they will reflect on who you are and how you spend your time.
  • Don’t go overboard. This applies to any student currently internship or job hunting. If you post too frequently or bombard your contacts with information, this may turn them off to the prospect of being connected to you.


  • Be yourself! Just because you are wary of what you post doesn’t mean you have to turn into a drone. Maintain your personality on your online profiles! People use social media to get to know you as much as they can before they meet you. Keep that concept in mind when interacting online. Use it to your advantage.
  • Watch the time. Use social media, then take a break. The world outside awaits! Also, when contacting potential employers, be mindful of the time of day. Sending an email at 2am might give off the impression that you are a night owl. This is not necessarily good or bad – just be mindful that they may interpret it one way or the other.
  • Take your time. If you are about to post something in the heat of an intense moment, save it as a draft or come back later. Again, once it’s out there, it’s out there!

Social media can definitely be harnessed to help you find work and meet amazing people. Use it to your benefit, not to destroy your stellar reputation.

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