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Important Dates on the University Calendar: First Semester

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Freshman year of college, it is important to stay updated on every important date on the university calendar. In your first semester (or first quarter) everything is still so new, and you may forget important dates if you do not stay organized and mark your calendar accordingly ahead of time.

Freshman Orientation

Depending on your university, freshman orientation will either be over the summer or in the fall right before classes start. If orientation is right before school starts, it could be either before or during Welcome Week, when many students head up to campus to hang out and get settled in for the year. To keep from getting the two mixed up, check when your orientation date is. This will ensure that you are on campus at the correct time and do not get penalized for missing important information.

The First Day of Class

As most students will arrive on campus at least a week before classes begin, your move-in date in the dorms is not a clear indicator of when classes actually begin. The first day of class is crucial to attend, as many professors relay important information for the year and will remove students from the class if they are not present, so make sure you know the date and don’t miss it!

Fall Study Break

Depending on your university, you may or may not have a fall study break sometime in October or November. Many students go home for fall break, and the farther ahead you plan, you will be able to find the cheapest available travel options. Also, if you have exams or papers due around your fall break, it is helpful to know that you have the extra time to study.

Thanksgiving Break

Depending on your university, you will have a different number of days off for Thanksgiving break. Some schools give students and faculty the entire week for vacation whereas others have a vacation that starts Wednesday at 5 pm the night before the holiday. Find out when your Thanksgiving break is early, and just like fall break, you will be able to book your travel arrangements early to get the best deals.

Final Exams

Every class will have final exams at different times in a week or two week period. It is important to find out when your exams are early in the semester so you can plan your study schedule accordingly.

When Grades Are Due

It is helpful to know when grades are due because some professors like to take their time while they’re grading. You may get frustrated if your grades are not posted right away, so knowing when the deadline is will help you stay in-the-know on when to expect them to be posted.