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University Bans Homework Over Break

homeworkstressBreak is awesome.

But more often than not, even with a week or two off of school, you’re still stuck bringing your organic chemistry book to the beach or writing your paper for Medieval history in the car on your eight hour road trip to Mardi Gras.  In short, sometimes a school break is not really a break from school.

Things might be changing though for Ivy League school, Cornell University.  The Cornell Daily Sun writes that the university’s faculty senate has proposed a ban on last-minute homework assigned right before break and due right after.   While some professors argue that small homework assignments have no relation to Cornell college students’ mental health issues, others, including Professor David Delchamps finds that “several small assignments can amount to a stressful time commitment for students on break.”

Professors might find their assignments not stressful, but with several different assignments from different classes, it adds up and affects students.

Would you like this type of proposal implemented at your college?