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Goal Setting: Different Types of Goals

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Goal Setting: Different Types of GoalsNow that you know how to set achievable goals, it’s time to figure out exactly what your goals are. Now that you’re living on your own for the first (or maybe fourth, for college seniors) year, it is important to set goals for yourself so you can start to grow into the person you want to be. Make a list of the things that are important to you in your academic, work, and personal lives, and you’ll be on your way to setting goals that will prepare you for your bright future.

Academic Goals

Academic goals are important because with all of the distractions in college, it can be easy to lose your focus and get off track. If you get in over your head, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of the things that are important to you. Students set academic goals for themselves throughout the course of college to ensure that they graduate in the perfect position to find a job or obtain a higher degree. Your academic goals can be to get straight A’s this semester, maintain a certain grade point average for all four years, graduate with honors or another certain distinction, ace the hardest class in your major, or anything else that would feel like an academic achievement for you.

Personal Goals

Personal goals can come from any aspect of your personal life that you’d like to change or improve. The most common personal goal that students in college share is losing weight and having a positive body image. These goals provide positive incentives for students to be dedicated and work hard because the outcome feels extremely rewarding. Other personal goals can include improving relationships with friends and family, achieving new life skills that help you prepare for living in the real world, or conquering a long-standing fear that you’ve been working on for a while.

Job Goals

One major reason to go to college is to ensure that you will be perfectly equipped to enter the job market after graduation. Having job-related goals is important because on harder or more frustrating days, it will help you remember what you are working toward. You can set work goals for the near future like finding a job in your field after you graduate, or for a time that will come farther along in your career like becoming the head surgeon in a hospital. Work goals can include finding work-study or research opportunities while you’re taking classes, securing internships for the summer months, or maintaining regular communication with previous employers who can potentially help you find a full-time position after you graduate.

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Goal Setting: Staying on Track

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Goal Setting: Staying on Track


A new semester is an exciting time when you are reunited with your friends after a few weeks or a few months apart. As you take the time to get back into the swing of things, it’s important to remember your goals so you can stay on track. While you may have an idea of what your broad goals for yourself are throughout your four years in college, breaking it down into smaller increments per year or per semester will help you achieve your dreams.

Make It Realistic

The most important part of setting goals for yourself is making sure they are actually realistic and attainable. This will ensure that you can accomplish what you set out to accomplish, and get the proud feeling you wanted when it’s all over. If your goals are not actually achievable, you may be setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. You may want to lose 100 pounds or finish your pre-med requirements in one semester, but it may be a better goal to give yourself a reasonable amount of time to complete these accomplishments.

Make A Plan

If you have a specific game plan, it will be easier to make it happen. As students, we work best when we have a schedule, and keeping yourself on a strict schedule is a way to ensure you can achieve your goals AND have time to spend with friends and for other commitments. Again, it is important to make your goals achievable and balance your time so that you don’t mentally crash. Try giving yourself a deadline to work within—the time constraint will help you remember why your goal is important and why you set it for yourself in the first place.

With all of the distractions that the college environment has to offer, it is very easy to get distracted. Making a solid plan will help you plan ahead so you can do everything that is important to you throughout the year while still staying on track. You don’t want to have to study during the big game or have to cram 20 chapters of reading in the night before a final exam.

Reward Yourself

When you reach your goal, reward yourself! You’ve worked hard and you deserve it. Self-satisfaction is a huge motivator for continued personal achievements, and it is important to celebrate it. Meet up with friends at your favorite restaurant or local hangout and take some time to relax before you move on to your next goal.

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Welcome Back, College Seniors!

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Welcome back, college seniors!


As a senior in college, you may find yourself having a hard time getting back into school mode for your last few semesters. Now that your future is again uncertain, you will need to balance schoolwork with the stress of looking for a post-graduation job or graduate school program. College is hard, and if you are feeling burnt out, it is important to find ways to hit the ground running so you can maintain your GPA and finish out your undergraduate education with a bang.

Remember Your Personal Goals

Nothing is more motivating than having a goal and realizing that you are heading down the right path to accomplish it. What were goals that seemed unattainable at the beginning of college are now staring you in the face, and you have one more year to get them done. To get your mind back in school mode and ensure you reach your goal, create a visible reminder for yourself. It may seem silly or unnecessary, but writing down your goals and putting them somewhere you can see them everyday when you wake up or when you get home from class will remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing and help you re-gain focus at the beginning of the year.

Go Back Early

College towns are fun places with lots to do and many people to see, and when you go back to school for your senior year, you will be extra excited to take everything in one last time. As thrilling as this experience can be, it will not help you when your first class of the semester rolls around and you have to quickly get back into school mode. To combat this problem, try to move back to school at least a week before classes start. This will give you time to go to all your favorite restaurants and bars and see everyone you need to see before it’s time to get serious again.

Keep a Calendar

Staying organized is crucial to getting back into school mode, and keeping a calendar is an excellent way to do so. Some students opt for small planners that they can take everywhere with them, and other students opt for large whiteboard calendars that hang above their desks. Whatever you prefer, a calendar will help you make sure that you keep your assignment and exam dates straight, along with job and graduate school application deadlines.


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