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Think About Grad School for the Future

There are tons of reasons students choose to attend graduate school after college. When considering whether or not grad school is right for you, it is important to consider the long term effects it can have on your life down the road. While it’s not necessarily an easy decision to make, here are some questions you can ask yourself to help move the process forward.

Do I know what I want to do, and does it require grad school?

If you are planning to go into the fields of medicine, law, psychology, research, or collegiate education, you have to attend some form of graduate school. So, that decision is made for you. If you don’t know what your career path looks like but know you want to spend more time studying and theorizing on a specific topic, graduate school can still be a valid option. Plus, during your time at grad school, you may discover new jobs to which you can apply your degree.

Am I passionate enough to focus on one topic ambitiously for the next few years?

While in graduate school, your studies will be narrowly focused on a single topic of your choosing. You should ask yourself as you apply if you can envision yourself studying the same subject matter and rereading the same terms over and over again. Does this idea excite you or put you to sleep? Yes, you will find nuance within your studies over the next few years at school, but if the fundamental field doesn’t peak your interest now, it won’t stick once you are in school or after you’ve finished.

Will attending graduate school eventually help me earn a higher salary?

Take a look at career options you have with the field of study you are considering. If your goal is to increase your future salary by attending graduate school, make sure you do research on different salaries for your career options. Don’t forget to factor in any student loans you’ll need to pay off. It’s expensive to attend grad school, but if you find it worth it in the long run, go for it!

Am I ready and willing to take on the rigor?

You can always take time off between college and grad school to refuel your batteries before diving into a pool of books and independent research. Be honest with yourself about whether or not you can be the self-motivated and ambitious student graduate schools require.

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Think About Graduate School Now

Many junior and senior college students grapple with the question of graduate school. Should I go? Will it be worth it? It is impossible to see into the future unless you have a really reliable crystal ball. So, trying to figure out if graduate school will make your life better in the long run will be stressful because it is hard to tell what the future holds. Instead, ask yourself the questions below to clarify if grad school is the right choice for you right now.

Am I stalling because I don’t want to make a career decision?

Many students dread graduating and jumping head-first into a new job. That abrupt transition can certainly be rough, but graduate school should not be your way of side-stepping the real world. If anything, graduate school should be a means of solidifying a career field for you. If you think you would use grad school to stall making any big career choices, it may not be for you.

Am I considering grad school because all my friends are considering it, or is this something I want?

It’s hard not to feel pressure to apply to graduate school if everyone else in your department or circle of friends is doing it. You may feel a sense of competition because getting into graduate school is like a badge of honor. However, you must ask yourself if this is something you want for yourself or if you are just wrapped up in the hype. Picture yourself at grad school – does that make you excited or nervous? Do you dread it before you’ve even applied? Be in touch with your true feelings on the subject.

Do I have the time, money, and energy to go to grad school today?

Graduate school is nothing if not expensive and time consuming. Yes, it is definitely rewarding, too! But, if you know you have student loans from college you’ll need to pay and are just plain tired of being a student, think about taking some time off from school before you consider graduate programs.

Will a year or two in the work force be a better step for me?

Many students opt for a year or two working at a job or traveling before applying to graduate school. This is a terrific idea if you are uncertain whether or not you want to study intensely for several years right out of college. Another positive effect of taking this time off is that you’ll gain experience that may improve your grad school application and the chances that you’ll get accepted.

Since you can’t see into the future, listen to yourself today. Take your time asking yourself these questions and the right choice will come to you.

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Beat Senioritis! Beat Senioritis!

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If you are a high school or college senior, you’ve been in school at least 13 years. Maybe more! Since kindergarten you’ve been learning, doing homework and surrounded by academia. It’s no wonder you’re growing tired of it. It’s no wonder you have…SENIORITIS!

Senioritis symptoms include a lazy approach to homework, blatant ignorance towards the future and refusal to do anything other than celebrate then end of  high school or college. The problem is, you’re not done yet. You still have to graduate and, like it or not, those grades still matter. So, how can you combat the desire to sit with the TV instead of doing homework?  Here are 6 ways to avoid classic Senioritis symptoms:

Be active! Don’t be a lazy bum – getting physical exercise will help keep your mind sharp and give you more natural energy to tackle finals (that you still have to take) and big projects (that you still have to do) so you can still graduate.

Create a bucket list! Are there things you’ve never done in your home town or  college’s town? Do them. Your final year as a  college student means you still have a sweet student discount on shows and exhibits. Take advantage of these. Go to a restaurant or event that you always said you’d try but never have. Now is your chance!

Take a fun class!  For college seniors who need an extra couple of credits, taking a fun class like Acting 101 or Drawing as a fun alternative to a class that requires a paper or one giant exam. Even if you don’t need the credits, taking a class outside your major will be refreshing. Pick something that genuinely interests you and do it with some friends. Make it all fun and no fuss. For high school seniors who are bored silly, take an art class at the local park district!

Try an internship or job! It may sound daunting, but if you are sick of schoolwork, actual work will flex different brain muscles and help prepare you for post-graduate studies and interviews. It will give you a sense of purpose and a place to be. If your Senioritis is so serious that on more than one occasion you’ve watched a “Real World” marathon instead of completing a necessary paper, an internship might be just the thing for you. Internships aren’t just for the summer, either. Many companies still need extra work done during the fall and winter.

Visit the Career Center. Sometimes Senioritis stems from a place of denial (I’m not graduating!) or fear (What can I possibly do once I graduate?). Visiting your counselor or Career Center will give you insight on what you might want to study in college, or for college seniors, finding a job post-graduation. This may ease any apprehension you have about the future. You also might realize that those final projects do matter if you have a career goal in mind.

Make time for both fun and school! Senioritis happens for a reason – everyone wants to have fun and celebrate the end of high school or college. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! You need to make time to congratulate yourself for a job well done. Allow for celebration, just make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row for graduation.

Need more tips on avoiding Senioritis? Check out this!


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