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Mobile makes its way into students’ college searches, though e-mail continues to prevail

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A new study by shows that students are researching information on college websites from their mobile devices, though traditional channels such as email are still relied upon most to keep students on track during their college searches.

The Cappex study of more than 2,000 class of 2011 and 2012 high school students, as well as 82 college admission officers, also shows that videos are more popular for college searching than blogs on college sites.

Specific findings from the study include:

  • 86 percent of 2011 high school grads prefer e-mail for initial contact from colleges
  • Just 19 percent of 2011 high school grads want initial direct contact from colleges by cell phone, though 32 percent prefer to continue a dialogue with college admissions reps by cell phone
  • 77 percent of 2011 high school grads prefer using a mobile-friendly version of a college’s website, while 23 percent would prefer to download an app from a college
  • Class of 2012 high school students are somewhat more receptive to apps: 35 percent would prefer to download an app
  • 34 percent of colleges surveyed said that they have created a mobile-friendly version of their website. Of those that have not yet created one, two thirds plan to create one this year
  • More than 85 percent of 2011 high school seniors prefer to learn about colleges through video tours and student videos, while just 6 percent are interested in reading college blogs during their college searches

“When it comes to communicating with colleges, students are more open than ever to using their mobile devices and cell phones, though colleges need to understand their preferences,” said Chris Long, president of Cappex. “For instance, students may not want to download an app from every college they are looking at, but they will visit a college’s website using their mobile devices.”

“Colleges need to be sure to set up mobile versions of their sites to cater to growing mobile use among students,” Long added. “Additionally, colleges should continue using tried and true methods such as e-mail to make it easy for students to keep track of their interactions with colleges.”

The white paper summarizing the study can be found at

3 Valentine’s Day Ideas a Student Can Afford

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valentines-day-candyHappy Valentine’s Day! Here are some Cappex words of wisdom on how to woo your Valentine on a serious student budget.

3 Valentine Ideas for College or High School Students on a Budget:

1. Snail Mail – Not even college admissions use the ole’ U.S. Postal Service anymore.  Everything is digital, even college acceptance letters! But, receiving a sweet letter in the mail that is not a bill is definitely a treat.  So make your own card, buy a stamp, write your heart out to your Valentine, and you’ll only be out 44 cents!

2. Cook a Dinner at Home – You don’t have to go out to enjoy a decadent Valentine’s dinner with your Valentine. If you’re a college or high school student on a budget, you don’t need to impress your Valentine with a fancy French dinner, just cook up something at home! Not only will you save moolah, but you will impress your Valentine with your new found culinary skills. *Hint* Easy recipes are as simple to find on the Internet as scholarships are using!

3. Picture You Two Together - If you want to present your Valentine with a nicely wrapped gift but still stay on your college or high school student budget, a picture frame is the way to go.  You can find affordable picture frames at tons of places.  Plus, the most personal part of the gift is the picture you place inside.  It’s an affordable gift that has meaning to it, and it’s definitely better than your other affordable and personlized option: the illustrious mix-tape.

So happy Valentine’s Day! And if none of the above options work for you, why not find some scholarships to save your Valentine money on college?  That’s probably the best Valentine they’ll ever get!

Admitted College Students, Stay Immune to Senioritis

Ok, so you found the college you’ve been dreaming about.  You applied. You waited. And waited. And waited. You searched for scholarships. And finally a big, thick envelope arrived in the mail inviting you to join the class of 2011.


Remember though, being admitted to a college or university doesn’t mean you can forget about your high school studies. Try not to fall victim to ‘Senioritis’ because certain colleges might just check in on your progress.

This recent post in the New York Times blog The Choice takes note that accepted  applicants should keep a “shoulder to the wheel” during their second semester:

The following day, the mail arrived with a letter addressed to Nicole from the office of admissions at Wesleyan, which had accepted her under its binding early decision program last fall.

This letter had a much less congratulatory tone. It read:

As your thoughts and energy turn to your final term of high school, I want to remind you how important it is to keep your academic focus. At this point the single most important thing you can do to prepare for four tremendous years at Wesleyan is to keep your ‘nose to the grindstone and shoulder to the wheel.’

To be more specific, we expect you to continue the courses that you committed to take, to maintain achievement commensurate with your ability, and to sustain your extra-curricular commitments and leadership.

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