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8 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas for College Students

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be racking your brains for some fun, yet affordable ideas for a romantic date with that special someone. Dinner and a movie has always been the quintessential V-Day date, but skip the filet mignon and overpriced popcorn and instead try one of these eight ideas that are perfect for the college student on a budget.

Campus Events – Find out if there are any free student events happening on campus or around the community, such as a concert or comedy show. Music and laughter will do the trick for calming any jitters you may have.


Coffee or Cupcakes – Who says that a Valentine’s date requires a three-course meal? Jump right to dessert and meet your date at a local coffee shop or bakery. For no more than five bucks each, you can enjoy a delicious custom cupcake or frothy cappuccino.

Game Night – If you’re looking for a great group date idea, look no further. Whether you bust out a classic like Scrabble or play word-guessing games like Catchphrase and Charades, you’ll have a lively atmosphere guaranteed.

Art Project – Create something together! Grab paints or pencils and exercise your creativity. If you love photography, take your camera(phone) and snap some candids of each other and your surroundings – it will definitely make the day memorable.

Movie Night  Stay in, grab a bowl of microwave popcorn, and watch your favorite movies together. Choose from DVDs you already own or stream online. You might also want to catch up on a few seasons of a TV series you have both wanted to watch.

Baking – Choose a simple dessert recipe like cookies or brownies; help each other mix the ingredients and toss them in the oven. If your dorm has no kitchen, try making a parfait (no oven required); all you need to do is toss together berries, yogurt, granola, and chocolate syrup.

Sledding – If you live in an area prone to winter snowfall, take a nostalgic trip back to your childhood: suit up, boot up, and slide down the biggest hill on campus you can find. You could also build a snowman or make snow angels.

Study Date – Tests and exams don’t stop in the name of love; remember, academics come first. If you’ve got a big test approaching or research paper due, hit the library together. Even if you don’t have the same classes, quiz one another or offer to proofread any essays.

No matter how you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, try not to get too wrapped up in the idea of cards, chocolates, and candies. It’s the little things that count when you’re showing appreciation for the ones you care about the most!